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RE: [GUIDE] Optimise your RPC server for better performance

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I have often wonder why more applications have not been running there own dedicated server for their related service. With that kind of price tag and other issues of ram prices this paints a much better picture why.

Is there a reasoning why steemd is single threaded or do they simple have plans in the future to make it take advantage of multicore cpus? It seems rather odd from a layman like myself why with how many cores cpus are coming out these days would things still choose to be single core focused.

Thanks for including the disclosure of your relation with Privex.


Making multi-threaded applications is extremely difficult, even more so with things like replaying a blockchain since every block relies on the previous one to be correct.

Check this post for more info:

I hope that the developers can improve this in some way. It's possible many of the issues are already solved in EOS, but may never make it to light in Steem.