Just Another Steem Witnesses Ranking Table (and API) - Steem 区块链见证人排行榜 及好用的 Witness API

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I have implemented a witnesses page

URL: https://steemyy.com/witness-ranking/

It lists all witnesses with votes field greater than zero.
API is provided for free: https://steemyy.com/api/steemit/ranking/
Data is cached every two minutes.

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这天无意看到 steem-js 的几个见证人API,觉得也没啥难度,于是说干就干,半天时间搞了一个简单的见证人排行榜,但是和O哥的还不能比,以后有时间再更新改进。


API 给大家使用: https://steemyy.com/api/steemit/ranking/

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@justyy is the author of https://steemyy.com and he supports and promotes the CN community.

Vote for My Witness 支持行长当STEEM的见证人,每人可以投30票。

https://steemit.com/~witnesses type in justyy and click VOTE

Or Vote @justyy via Steemconnect Thank you!
或者 直接设置行长为见证人代理吧 - 投了行长就等于支持CN区的所有见证人。
Or voting me as a witness proxy - let @justyy represent you.



What are the real votes supposed to be?..

I do not understand.

It's okay..

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Steem On~ I hope you are all right. haven't seen you around for a while.