Update: Witness nodes updated to v0.22.2

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Hi Steemian friends! :)

This is my Witness Update, going through all the latest details about my Witness challenges, and for those of you who don't know me yet, here is a photo! :)


I am a life long Software Developer, working on Blockchain for last years on several projects, but I am also a DJ and Electronic Music Producer, my alter-ego "Kolatz" that you can browse for if interested... :)

I am the creator of DSound, which was the first and still the only completely decentralized sound platform in the world, that continues helping musicians and sound creators around the globe to monetize their content besides the state of the crypto economy actually, and the next release will be the first "beta" release with loads of new features! :)

If you got curious about DSound, please check it out: https://dsound.audio

Update 0.22.2 (STEEM Protection soft fork)

Yes, this last update was not easy to decide. ;)

I am totally against any violent or forced restriction to any one's property, and being an anarchist and libertarian myself I had to dig really deep into this chain update, understand it's motivations and decide if I would support it or not...

At first I was against it, as I was back last year when the same was being proposed against @ned and @steemit inc. I think that blockchain immutability and censorship resistance is key to it's existence, alongside it's decentralized nature.

But I kept myself in the loop digging further, to understand better what was going on and what motivations were guiding these actions, as a token holder and network participant with some witness nodes under my supervision.

But what changed my mind?

Coindesk's article and @lukestokes youtube video

Thanks to this article:

and this video:

I clearly understood the motivations behind this update, and got to know about the March 6th town hall, as well as @justinsunsteemit reply to this community driven change, which made much more sense to me.

Steem nodes running 0.22.2

I hope not to regret having made this decision, but facing the facts I described I think it makes sense to temporarily restrict access to the misuse of that stake that could impact the whole community, and participate in the discussion on the upcoming town hall to decide further actions.

In the case that no meaningful decisions come from the March 6th meeting, I may consider reverting my nodes back to 0.22.1, if I find that other, less honourable, motivations are behind this temporary protection measure.

I think that it is a very important responsibility of a Witness to check the code and the changes introduced in a new version of the blockchain code. I do it all the time an update comes about, and only after that I decide if I will upgrade to it or not, so I reviewed the code changes as well.

What I am working on

I am currently working on DSound first "beta" release, that will be out soon, and a complete new business model and economy for DSound... Loads of news very soon, so keep tuned my friends! ;)

We are building the evolution of DSound while the crypto winter has pushed away so many great people from our 9000+ community, and also gave us more indicators to re-think our vision, business strategy and the path we want to go to achieve our goals as a team and community leaders...

Why voting for @prc and @dsound for witnesses

  • @prc is my personal account and I run my witness nodes since November 28th, 2017. In these near 2 years only 314 blocks were missed by my nodes, mainly due to a chain hang when I was higher in the witness rank, and our top 20 folks got their big chunk of misses as well.

  • @dsound is the DSound project account and our team runs our project witness nodes since December 11th, 2018. Since then only 36 blocks were missed by our nodes, mainly due to a problem with our power redundancy in our datacenter. This witness helps funding DSound community initiatives and platform development.

  • All our servers are bare metal boxes, not VPS's on some thirdparty datacenter. We manage our own datacenters, now with 2 separate sites located in Portugal, and state of the art technology.

  • We are independent, non-related to any other group of people with any other joint agenda.

  • Our mission on Steem is to help grow the music and sound creators user base and help onboard more to the platform.

  • We have been around. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in high availability and security, and we are fully committed to crypto and blockchain since 2016.

So If you trust us and approve what have been doing for the Steem ecosystem, please give our Witnesses a vote to help us continue...

Design by @aleister

You can vote here: Vote @prc with SteemConnect - Vote @dsound with SteemConnect

... but if you prefer the oldfashion way, please go to:

and vote for @prc and @dsound ;)

Alternatively you can set @dsound as your proxy, so that you follow the witnesses we vote as well. This might be interesting for all of you that don't know that well for which witnesses to vote... To do so use this field:

Thanks a lot for your support. :)


Thank you for making a stand to protect the steem blockchain.

Nice solid reasoning, I enjoy supporting you & dsound. It's a great project with a great developer :^)

Thanks for support 0.22.2

Sir, you haven't supported your own platform in 6 months. WTF are you on about?

Congratulations @prc! You received a personal award!

Thank you for the witness votes you made to support your Steem community and for keeping the Steem blockchain decentralized

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