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Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm @ayogom, who runs the Witness Node on behalf of the STEEM ZZAN community. We have issued a token based Steem Engine and are a multinational community(Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and so on) based on nitrous. If you are curious about us, I recommend visiting our web page.


I had already run witness nodes through @ayogom for about a year. Based on that experience, I would be maybe great at it.

The Statement

  1. We will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain.

  2. We will strive for community development.

  3. We will strive for the development of the Steem blockchain or Steem service.

Server environment

ProcessorIntel Xeon(2.4GHz) X 2 8core
Storage1T SSD
OSLinux ubuntu 16.04 lts
Node versionv22.5

In order to provide better service, witness nodes will be operated in other countries as well. (coming soon!)

Vote for zzan.witnesses

Thank You,
Yours sincerely,


which side are you? steem or tron? why u run 22.5?

They're on Tron's side. :(

We don't agree to divide sides, we just don't agree with the freezing of funds.

We don't agree to divide sides, we just don't agree with the freezing of funds.

i might hive bye bye in 2 days

i dont think you understand what the steem stake means to most of the steem community (and yes most, you are relying on justin suns votes afterall in order to be a top witness)... when steemit inc brought all to the steem block chain promising decentralization, the premined stake was promised to be invested into the blockchain by steemit. over this promise people invested their hard earned money, much more in total than what justin claims to have invested. justin not only broke steemits promise of neutrality, but claims the stake that was promised to us for him self. freezing it was to ensure he does not run of with it, and if we cant have it, the stake will be destroyed.

I understand. But we have different ideas.I have more experience and thoughts about STEEM than you. (Including 1 year of witness node operation)
I feel sorry for the promise of STEEM INC and existing users, but I think the ned is responsible for that.

well it is also a legal issue. we have proven to justin ownership of this stake, and most law books across the world do say that it is impossible to sell something you do not own. it is a legal pursuit that justin has to do against ned if he feels scammed or misinformed... these are not random people on the internet, but their identity is known to each other, hence a legal pursuit would be very possible.

many other witnesses agree with this point of view, and frankly they have been witness for longer than a year.

justin shows no intention of recognizing our ownership, during talks with us he says one thing and then completely does an opossite thing, like his post asking "do you want to fuck with me" was the day after witnesses informed him that they expect him to make a decline voting rights operation which you can find on the steem API docs
he did not know about it but said he would talk to his developers, which appearantly he did not.
instead of talking and settling things with the community, he went silent and even blocked respected witnesses on twitter.

justin shows no intention to communicate to us or learn about how steem works.

steemit developers in the korea justin witness steemit chat sided with us, saying that many of the demands by justin would destroy the decentralization and stability of the steem currency. over 20 steemit developers quit their job at steemit after justins acquisition because he strives for a steem they dont hope for. justins steem is much more centralized. hence the steem community is planning to hardfork justin out of their life, which will also destroy the stake.

How do you feel about ninja mined stake of Steemit Inc. being used in governance voting?

Ninja Mining should also be recognized as a single stake.

Appreciate your feedback, thanks.


GodSpeed 💙 @zzan.witnesses ♩♬
짠~! 💙

Steem ♨♨♨ On ! forever with
Steemzzang ! 💙

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Hello. Do you realize that this witness is supported by @justinsunsteemit?


I already vote your witness

Congratulations . Me and the Indonesian community support you :D

Thank you. We are honored to be with the Indonesian community.

화이팅 입니다

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항상 응원 감사합니다.


항상 응원 감사합니다.

우리는 잘 할수있습니다.

Congratulations ... I'm active Steemian. very supportive for this.
And you are currently ranked 9th out of the top 20 witnesses on Stemblokchain


Might go to #1 since Tron is buying up Steem to take over the Steem blockchain.

Are you also supportive of @justinsunsteemit supporting this witness?

Thanks to your support.

I would like to ask you why did you accept @justinsunsteemit's offer?

Thank you very much for your answer.

We don't agree to divide sides, we just don't agree with the freezing of funds.

OK, it's your decision and your choice. Thank you for your answer.

I don't agree with the way that Justin Sun is taking away the platform that I love. I don't believe that anything good will come out of his doing.

Time will tell. Good luck!

Thank you!
I also like steem very much. The reason I turned the Witness node for the first time is because I wanted Steem to last a long time.
Even now, that idea has not changed. May our steem last forever!

본질은 1인당 30표가 문제이거늘
다들 이편이냐 저편이냐만 묻고있네요...