Davinci Translation Report #24

Greetings from @davinci.witness!

Thanks to @pab.ink for making this fantastic drawing!

This is report #24 of the translation activity conducted in collaboration with @utopian-io (you can find the previous report HERE).

Week #24 was the week preceding the implementation of the new questionnaire (to be precise the new questionnaire was online the last day of week 24, so only a few contributions were included in the stats). As you can see from the table below the overall number of contributions continued to decrease but at a much slower pace, this means that despite the drop in Steem price we are stabilizing our outputs.

However, we have Christmas holidays ahead and we could experience a further slow down in activity. Periods of low activity are windows of opportunity for the consolidation of the teams. We added some new members in the Portuguese and Hebrew teams and we are trying to restart the German team but it may take a while because there are some personal issues for one of the LMs. We will continue with the consolidation of the teams also during the Christmas holidays.

After the implementation of the new questionnaire, some LMs asked us some clarifications regarding the answers. The most common question we received was about the difference between "excellent" and "very good" in the question regarding accuracy. The new questionnaire is very generous with translations that are error-free, for this reason we must use the option "excellent" with parsimony. To help our LMs compiling the questionnaires we started working on a guide document and we will try to have it linked in the questionnaire as well.
However, before submitting the final version to utopian, we would like to collect your feedback about it, if you follow the link below you will be able to comment directly in the document:
We remind you that this is just a draft, so please try to be constructive in your comments and let's keep a positive attitude.
We wanted to thank @dr-frankenstein for helping with the document. We also wanted to thank all our staff for their work. They spend several hours of their time every week to help our community and there is a lot of work done behind the scenes.
Utopian has also created a translation project in Jira that we can use to coordinate our activities, soon our staff and the LMs will be asked to join.

Below you can find the stats for Week #24:

November 25 2018 -:- December 1 2018

Instruction for a correct application:
The application post should be posted from your Steem profile.
In the post you should tell us what are your qualifications and why you should be considered as a translator or Language Manager (LM). Moreover, it is mandatory to post a link to a voice recording of you speaking your native language and English. You can find more details on this post: https://steemit.com/witness-update/@davinci.witness/davinci-witness-update-6-utopian-io-translation-rewards-are-coming-back. Also, your post should contain the tag davinci-application. And after you drop a link to your application post in this room: #job-application-room on Davinci's discord server.

Additional Charts

Scores assigned by our LMs


Averages of the scores assigned to the translations by our LMs, the points vary from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 for the following categories:

  1. formatting, language and overall presentation of the post
  2. overall value of this contribution on the open source community
  3. total volume of the translated text
  4. overall difficulty rate of the translated text (this value depends on the type of text to be translated)
  5. rate the semantic accuracy of the translated text

In the first chart, there is overall average score assigned per week.

In the second chart, there is average time taken to review a translation. Calculated between the date and time of publication of the post and the comment left by the LM. It is not intended as time spent in the review, but only after how long the post is reviewed.

Stay tuned for the next report!

The aim of this report was to provide complete transparency
about the development of this project.

If you would like to delegate to Davinci.Witness you can do so by clicking on the following links:
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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

votaXdavinci.witness.jpgCC0 Image - Creative Commons, thanks to @mrazura for ITASTEM logo.
If you are the owner of an Open Source project on Crowind platform and you want to translate it with our help and the support of @utopian-io please join our discord server and chat with us.



Congratulations to DaVinci team and to Utopian for the great job that they are doing: the 0 under "Missed" is a good result for the whole translation project and obviously for the translators too!

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Utopian and DaVinci

Thanks @davinci.witness for your awesome work with the Utopian translations category!

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