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It's been a while since my last witness update. I'll go through what I have been doing and what I'll be doing in the future.

Here is what I'm maintaining right now:

In total I'm maintaining 7 hived/haf nodes.


I have been mainly involved with the libraries and apps that are not directly used by the users but rather used by the developers. Recently I changed that by hivedex.io which provides service directly to the users. I intend to do that more often and I do plan a couple of projects that are in that direction.

Hive is now 4 years old and hopefully I'll have more to show and share next year this time when Hive becomes 5 years old.

Have a nice day.

source: pixabay


Hi, I am looking forward to trying out the HAF node, this is going to make building hive apps way easier.

The hivedex app is also nice and polished, very clean and easy to use.

This post is also a reminder for me to put together my own witness update post.

I will say the Hivedex.io looks awesome and in line to what a lot of investors are used to including the tools and capabilities there so very well done. Nodes are something often overlooked by many people but are a critical part to keeping all things good. That being said I'm eager to see what you build in time for hives 5 year! Perhaps a sneak peak in a few months of one of the projects?

It's great to see your dedication and contributions to the Hive ecosystem through both development and maintenance of various tools and nodes. Your focus on supporting the developer community, alongside direct user services like hivedex.io, is truly commendable. I'm excited about your future projects that aim to bridge the gap between users and developers. The growth and expansion of Hive over the years is a testament to the hard work of contributors like yourself. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to seeing what you achieve by Hive's 5th anniversary. Have a wonderful day!

I can see that you have been working in the background as a developer and seeing to the smooth running of the entire platform. This is highly commendable 👍

Can your interface enable a bot that sells hbd at 1.02 and buys at .98?
Can you speculate as to why that hasn't been a thing all along?

hivedex.io doesn't need to do anything for this to be possible. You can make a bot that does that already.

Can you speculate as to why that hasn't been a thing all along?

There are already bots that buy/put orders on the internal market and leverage trade.

I can't make a bot.
You got a link to where I can buy one?
If you made one that everybody could access volatility might go down.
H-e has had the dswap bot, but I haven't found one for hbd, yet.

I don't think you can buy one really.
You would need an account on upbit which is the only exchange for HBD. Then you could make a bot that trades between upbit and internal market for a possible profit.

What prevents a dswap type bot on the internal market?

What does a dswap bot do?

It lets me set high and low limits and trades within that range without further input.



It could be improved by allowing a setting that says put buy orders 3% below last trade and sell orders 3% above the last trade, or whatever range is thought best.
As it is, it allows the market to move and your price stay the same ending in being trapped on the wrong side of big moves, but other than having to keep a closer eye on it when markets are moving, it runs mostly unattended.
Mine has paid for itself multiple times over.
At least, it did before the volume dropped out 2 summers ago.

I'm a regular user of HiveDex, and I'm sure a few of the curation trails I follow on hive.vote kick in when my vote mana is too high (hopefully not often because I curate manually).

Although I cannot say I fully understand all your milestones, I know enough to know that's a lot of work. Thank you for what you are doing, and for the transparency.

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