Your previous D.Tube videos don't play anymore? How to prevent this from happening again without technical skills.

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Have you ever noticed your old and some times even not so old @dtube videos stop playing? When you upload a video to D.Tube, their server stores your files on a short term node which then gets deleted for reasons including not being popular enough to generate a traffic that will keep the cache fresh. After being deleted from DTube server, the playability of your video will depend whether there is an IPFS node connected to the Internet that is sill pinning (keeping the file in cache) your video file. In most situation, there will be no other IPFS node keeping your file because that does not happen automatically, there might be some that keeps it temporarily but it will likely be deleted sooner or later (more like likely sooner than later).

What are the solutions?

Choice #1 - Setup your own IPFS node

If you want job well done, do it yourself. Well not always 😅 but if you have the technical skills or are willing to learn, you could investigate this path and setup the IPFS software on your desktop or a server if you have one, that machine would be switched on 24/7. As you add a video to D.Tube you will also pin it on your IPFS node or you can do the other way around: add it to your IPFS node and copy/paste the hash into D.Tube.

But this is not the topic for this post.

Choice #2 - Request a pin from a public IPFS node

Some of us, including me, are running our own IPFS node and are providing free or paid pinning services. As part of my Witness campaign, I used to run an instance of Dtube Community Support but the project is not maintained anymore so I started writing my own code which is not automated yet and you need to request a pin for your videos individually.

Where to find public @dtube and @dsound public IPFS nodes? The answer is: in One Love DTube Discord server:

Disclaimers: I'm not affiliated with OneLoveDTube and their services, I'm only providing free IPFS pinning and using their Discord server as a way to expose the service to interested members.

Join that server and enter the #community-backup channel. In that channel, live community IPFS bots that will await for you to request pinning of your videos. There are multiple bots owned by different developers and communities. My bot is called @steemulant and will respond to various commands:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 5.15.42 pm.jpg

Different bots might respond to different commands but the most common ones for pinning videos are:

  • !ipfs URL pin the source video
  • !ipfs240 URL pin the 240p video
  • !ipfs480 URL pin the 480p video
  • !ipfs720 URL pin the 720p video
  • !ipfs1080 URL pin the 1080p video
  • !addvideo URL pin the video

The URL provided can be either a Steemit or D.Tube/DSound URL, some bots might support other Dapps URLs.

Here is an example of one of the members requesting a pin of the source video:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 5.15.32 pm.jpg

The OneLoveDTube community also provides paid services including pinning your video for life and access to their video uploader which offers several advantages over uploading via D.Tube's website. For more info, head towards

Here are the stats of my IPFS node as of today:

  • Number of pins: 1286
  • Repo size: 52.87 GB
  • Repo version: [email protected]
  • Rate In: 21.38 KB/s
  • Rate Out: 6.49 KB/s
  • Number of connected peers: 119

Support me by voting for my Witness

I’m running a Steem Witness node (server) for over a year now. That node is participating in block production and signing and is part of the Steem blockchain network that powers all Steem Dapps.

Running such server is not free and requires regular monitoring. Steem Witnesses are rewarded from the Producer Reward pool but Witnesses ranked below 20 are rewarded with a ridiculous amount that barely covers our server cost, some of us are even running it at loss.

As Steemian, you have the power to elect which Witness should be ranked higher by casting a Witness vote for their account. The vote casting is free and you can cast up to 30 votes and have the ability to modify your vote at any time if you change your mind.

If you like the work I do for the community and the Steem blockchain, please consider casting a Witness vote for me and also consider voting for other Witnesses. Being ranked over 100, I don’t appear in the official Witness list at however, scroll down to the bottom, type my username quochuy in the first text field and simply click the VOTE button and it’s done. Thank you in advance.

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Any idea why I see this?
Error: read ECONNRESET
Requester: @ura soul

Rendition: videohash
Your disk usage: 0 MB in 0 files

I will have to check the logs when I get back from the Easter break tomorrow. Might have already been deleted so the bot could not fetch it

thanks. i don't know how long dtube stores videos, but it's still playing in dtube and the vid is only about 8/9 days old.

Could be because your file is 500+MB and the bot is timing out. Will check

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ok, thanks!

@quochuy True, the more nodes we have the better pinning will be. I set up a node and pin my videos and they seem to have better playback due to this. Hope more people using dtube alot takes some time to set up their own nodes. @gray00 @vaultec and @techcoderx are massive resources getting these nodes up and running.

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Can you copy/paste hash into dtube now? Is this a recent thing or am I just dumb? As I wanted to do it the last couple of videos I posted a million years ago but couldn’t figure out how 😆

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It's been there for a while now, at least since I started using DTube. When you upload a video, there is an "Advanced" tab where you can copy/paste the IPFS hash to your video files.

Hm I probably saw it and was too dumb to know what it was for, now I know, thanks XD

This is important information for me. I have been putting on videos from 1998 that I was hoping to always be able to find online. I will no longer be using

Resources cost money, hard drives get full quickly when storing videos in multiple resolutions. YouTube has enough money and are running ads so they are able to keep your videos for free “forever”. DTube is not backed by a monster company, so they have limited storage and rely on decentralised network of IPFS nodes to help with the storage. But again, hard drive will get full sooner or later I currently provide free IPFS pinning but my hard drive will be full and I might or not be able to afford an upgrade.

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I keep trying to explain this to people but I don’t think they like the explanation 😅

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That's the draw back of decentralised hosting, some people have to step up and contribute to the hosting.

That's the other thing I keep saying that people don't like XD

Buying fruits and veggies in a shop is easier than growing it ourselves. Chemical fertilisers are easier than organic compost. Same with centralised services vs decentralised ones. We give more power to people but that means they have to do more effort to use that power.

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I think I understand. I probably should put everything I want to keep on Youtube first until gets stronger. Your information is very helpful. Thank you.

You can still upload them to both and use the IPFS bot I mentioned in the post above to help keep your DTube video alive for longer. This way you can still get upvotes from the community.

I suggest you start with uploading to DTube first so that it is created before the Youtube version so people can't blame you from copy/pasting your own content from outside the blockchain.

Nice, I never realised that is what happens with old Dtube videos - this will be really handy for people.

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I hope they will increase storage space at some point and more people start their own IPFS node.

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Thanks! Resteemed!

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