Witness Replay Faster Than Expected

in #witness-update3 years ago

After a 3 day haitus, witness #58 is back in the game. I probably should have just kept missing blocks and kept the other server alive during the replay, but what's done is done and now I'm back on the hardware that never missed a block when I started witnessing.

The server seemed to replay about 24 hrs faster than it had before, thanks to some advice from @inertia to use this script, but I can't say for sure if it worked because it's been a while since the last replay. Maybe @someguy123 or other witnesses can chime in to see if it is actually effective, or if I'm experiencing a placebo effect.

Either way, I'm honored to be back in rotation and witnessing blocks for the most underrated blockchain in the crypto space. I hope to soon get some conversations started about inflation, changing the way witness voting works, and some other things that have been stewing in my noggin for the last year.

I've been committed to this blockchain for over 4 years, a leader of the PAL community, the station manager of @msp-waves, site admin for the upcoming @blarchive.net, and staff member of Hive's fastest growing NFT site @nftshowroom. If you like what I'm doing, consider voting for my witness via keychain, peakd, hive.blog, or my site https://onlyclowns.world


voted for you before it was coo... well voted for you 😛

So, you broke it again?
At least you have some idea of what you're doing...for me, running a witness would probably be a bit of a disaster...

Again? Lol this is the first downtime I had, and I could have left it running, but felt the need to stop the bleeding for the short time it took to replay.

consider voting for my witness

only if you pay me some chocolate first!


👍 sure witness it up!