[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Steem-in-a-box for v0.19.3 + Steemfeed-JS Update

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As many of you may be aware, there was a spam attack on STEEM recently. This caused witnesses, seeds, and RPC servers to become unstable and/or crash.

This has been mitigated in the new release v0.19.3. It shouldn't require a replay, but you should always test on your backup server first.

This update applies to Witnesses, Seeds, and RPC servers. It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for the stability of your server.

Previously fixed, but not contained in a tagged release, is a fix for an I/O vulnerability that could lead to a denial of service attack on nodes.
Added mitigations regarding bandwidth for custom operations, exploitation of which could lead to minor network instability, resulting in high block latency and the missing of blocks by witnesses.

How to update?

As always, it's very simple.

./run.sh install
./run.sh restart

If you have a backup server, run it on the backup server first, and then switch your key to the backup when it is running. This protects you against a failed restart.

Steemfeed-JS update

If you use Steemfeed-JS for your price feed, it's important to update, as Poloniex has been removed (STEEM/BTC is no longer liquid due to disabled deposits and withdrawals).

It's a very painless update, simply run the following commands:

cd steemfeed-js
git pull
docker build -t steemfeed-js .; docker stop steemfeed; docker rm steemfeed; docker run -itd --name=steemfeed steemfeed-js

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Great job!!! All my nodes are upgraded.. We are making progress :)

Great job someguy! Thanks for the quick update.

thanks for the update... really appreciate it

I suspected there was a problem...had no idea what it was.
I appreciate the update.

@someguy123 i must say you are indeed doing a great job here, you have first class information always.

Your first class information has made a lot of people here successful including me, please no it today that i am your number one fan 💯.

Once again, thanks.!

Thank you. I just updated my witness.

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the heads up. Updating my witness node asap.

We were just discussing this between us German witnesses.
Thanks for the update!

This is indeed a valuable information you have passed across.
Thank you so much for this information.
I have taken note of this infor.
Nice post @someguy123IMG-20170510-WA0003.jpg

Thank you for sharing this very useful for everyone

thank you for the update, will make the changes i need to make. Good Job

new code for update your witness

it won't effect for newbies like me....i guess

Now... I really need to get mine updated

Great job on the best for more article

As a wintness of steeit and @adsactly,
We should avoid spamming. Thank you for the awareness @someguy123.

Thanks a lot @someguy123

Updated and running smoothly! =)

Today they made some modifications for Steemit previously when I was in the feed section. To see my favorite authors, I clicked on the publications that were normally seen in the same tab. today it was different I clicked as usual now the publication opens in another tab in my browser

Sweet! I'll be updating mine tomorrow afternoon then, Especially if no replay is necessary...

As always, excellent work keep it up.

great job my friend
thanks for witness update

The update was necessary, the level of spam increased so much and hopefully it will wipe out the spam. Thanks for the update

Excellent Work Keep It Up :)

Fait plus simple , Car steemit n'est pas du tous fait pour.le Grand public !!!!

Et les gains sont plus que ridicule !!!

Update steemit , car il ne Vaux pas grand chose !!!

i voted for you and you should also vote for me.

Thank you so much for this. You can never leave my witness list.

A question... This is first place that comes to mind.
I would like to know, is the @anonsteem service currently working?
I would like to know before I try using it again.


Thank you very much for update.

Hi someguy123,

I am just seeing you in these posts. Following. I will get to know you better by looking over other posts. Good day.