[UPDATE] Steemfeed-JS 2.1 - More exchanges, USDT->USD proxying, verbose mode and more

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Steemfeed-JS has been updated yet again in response to USDT being below $1.00 USD.

The 2.1 release contains many other additions to make Steemfeed-JS more accurate, easier to debug and develop, etc.

What's new?

The key points for this update are:

  • Poloniex is re-enabled
  • USD/USDT pair added to Bittrex. STEEM/USD changed to STEEM/USDT
  • Overhaul of the proxy system. Nested proxying now works (e.g. steem->btc->usdt->usd)
  • Instead of assuming USDT == USD, it's now labelled appropriately in the exchange adapters, and is converted like any other altcoin into actual USD.
  • Verbose mode for debugging (or those that just love seeing walls of text). As simple as node app.js -v
  • Dry run mode, to see the price it would use, without actually publishing it (node app.js dry). Can be used with normal mode, or verbose mode.
  • In depth code comments for exchanges.js - makes it easy to develop for.
  • New exchanges
    • Binance (STEEM/BTC, BTC/USDT)
    • Kraken (USD/USDT)

Dry mode with Verbose

Above is an example of the new dry + verbose mode together. You can see exactly where the price data is coming from, and that it's querying multiple exchanges for pairs such as STEEM/BTC and BTC/USDT to get the median average.

Note that toFixed(5) is used when displaying the numbers for sanity, don't worry, the rounded numbers are not used in the actual calculation.


See my post for Steemfeed-JS 2.0 - the instructions are exactly the same:


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Glad you're staying on top of the game guy. Appreciate the heads up!

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Thanks @someguy123. Updated!! 😍

Thanks @someguy123

some terminal porn & love for you below ...


I already noticed something out of whack with the price-feeds...


Is this not a consensus thing? Or can we change this every now and then?

It's a bloody shame!!! :-)


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This is very informative. Thank you so much.