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I'm pleased to announce the monthly Steem Panel Discussion on MSP-Waves. We'll kick off the meeting with @andrarchy.
He's the new Director of Content for Steemit Inc. He'll answer some questions and reiterate some of the recent news from @steemitblog read here

After that I'll welcome top 20 Witnesses @timcliff, @good-karma, @furion as well as back up witnesses @cervantes and @exyle will have a discussion with me about the state of the Steem ecosystems, projects we're working on, and challenges that we as a community need to meet head on.


@timcliff is best known for collecting information on needed tweaks to condenser, the program which powers and clones such as and He's a constant presence in the help section, and puts together recurring posts detailing updates from witnesses.

@good-karma is best known for his creation of a mobile application for interacting with the Steem block called esteem.

@furion is best known for his database project called SteemData, which seems likely to be surpassed in the near future by his project

My viewers should know me best by having founded the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network, which is home to the Minnow Support Project and currently

Backup Witnesses

@cervantes works to build community within Spanish speakers.

@exyle is the one of the members behind the @blockbrothers witness. They created Steemify a notification tool as well as an open source voting bot.


The Panel happens this Saturday February 24. It occurs at 11am (1600 UTC).

The panel will take place in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network.

You can listen live at

You can interact with the panelists through chat
You can listen in Discord

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Awesome, setting up this panel was such a great idea.
I'll be there listening :-)
Thanks for the organization @aggroed!

Can we get you on the show please!

I could be the cheerleader, Asher - haha! I'm not a witness, but I'll be there listening and feeding the comments thread :-) Will you be there, too?

You make a good point :)

Yes I will be there in the comments thread with my cheerleading outfit on, see you on Sat!


Actually can someone explain me what is “steem witness”? Is some kind of owners or... I think my blonde hair little disturbe me to understand 😍😂

Basically they're the ones that are running the blockchain (their servers). While centralized solutions are controlled by one entity that has full control over the corresponding servers, a blockchain is controlled by many. On Steem they're called witnesses, for Bitcoin they're called miners etc. They're also responsible to democratically decide on future changes of the blockchain called hardfork.

You can (and actually should) vote for your favourite witnesses which makes their selection being a democratic process. Before voting you should inform yourself well about the whole process and impact of your vote.

For further details you can check the FAQ for instance:

I'd also recommend you to read this post from @lukestokes, currently one of the top 15 witnesses:

Here you can see the ranking and vote for your favourites:

I hope that helps to get an idea of it :-)
I'm not an expert of witnessing, so if there is someone who wants to add something I missed to mention, I'd be happy about that.

@surfermarly and now I understand. 😍

See my reply to @rhubarb for further info :-)

awesome it is!!

Cool, I got to tune in there 😊 thanks for your great work to bring the witnesses together and building a community. You really add a lot of value to the community. Keep it up @aggroed

i agree with you bro..@raci
really @aggroed you do a great work and keep it up bro

Lets unite to vote a good and deserving witness for the future of steemit.

Log live Steem witnesses!

Another impressive list of speakers you've managed to gather up here man, I'll be tuning in to what I think is a close 2nd to being at Steemfest.

Thank you!

Will you be recording and posting all the content? I'm guessing so...but I thought I'd ask. I'll try to make it live....sometimes life gets in the way of all the steem stuff :)

yep. We record all of them.

Your initiative is great and I enjoyed the previous discussions. The only thing I am missing is some follow through actions. How are the items that are discussed tracked and eventually addressed?

One thing that is important for me is the steem distribution and the Steemit account in particular. The blockchain is decentralised because of the multiple witnesses running the nodes, the Steemit account however holds the majority of steem (65%) ? and could influence the price by the action of a single account. I hope @andrarchy can say something about distribution plans, if any.

we should all unite under one tree and market it so that steem fetches good value to its family

Yes, teamwork is the only way to get ahead in this world.

What I appreciate the most about you is your ability to gather some of the witnesses together in one place and facilitate a great conversation.

I didn't vote, I see that you handled that on your own.

Distribution of promotional Steemit poster

Don't you have money to buy the 6-way?

by @jejuin

This is gonna be big, I won't miss it for anything in the world 😁, This is really amazing @aggroed

아직은 이해가 잘 안가지만 이해하려 노력한다.
그리고 당신은 보팅이 많다. 금액도 장난이 아닌걸?

I'm not sure I fully understand the witness thing. Why not just let anybody do it who has the resources to mine? Why vote on it?

Hey @aggroed, thank you for your service! I'm voting you up as a witness. I love the things you've done. Referred to you by @jrswab as a witness :)


great post...........thanks for shsring

Well done sir thanks for share
Resteem& Upvote

Wow such a best project keep it up

Will you be recording and posting all the content? I'm guessing so...but I thought I'd ask. I'll try to make it live....sometimes life gets in the way of all the steem stuff

Thank you
Lets unite to vote a good and deserving witness for the future of steemit.

Lets unite to vote a good and deserving witness for the future of steemit.2018-02-22_11-27-04-990.jpg

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I’d love to become a witness!

Waao that's really great to listen all these awesome witnesses live,thanks @aggroed for the update.

significant & encouraging!

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Wow, can be explained in more detail how we can interact and give direct questions in the forum. I am very interested as a steemit loyal user. Their works are very good in developing steemit so far. About the work of @good-karma, I am still using the esteem application. Success for all of you

that's amazing post thanks

@andrarchy welcome and congratulations hope to taste from your leadership as the director.

Great work you people. I think they have made great contributions towards the steemit community and they deserve respect and appreciation. I think it's wonderful that steemit is an open platform but the wallet showing the account value is not a great idea.

Thanks For Shareing This Post

Good to see the witness are coming back.....on msp.....good to hear some of the wonder words from them....about steemit..👍👍👍

Great to know about them.......

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Steemit of community
Nice post @aggroed

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Congrats @andrarchy for emerging as new Director of Content for Steemit Inc.

It is a wonderful project you are embarking on @aggroed. Please keep up.

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Interesting! It's all for the advantage of Steemians! I'm sure we can learn a lot of things here.
I'll Save the date!

Thanks a lot!

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You will. Keep commenting, creating good content, and voting when you can!

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They are involved in so many projects and we have to support them. They are doing a great job for this amazing platform. Have a great day!

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Definitely looking forward to this, its going to be educative.

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Great community @aggroed

Thank you for promoting " @good karma is the best known for his creation for a mobile application for intaresting with the steem. i am pleased to announce the monthly steem panel Discusstion on MSP- waves. Thank's for this share.

we should all play a role of a family

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@aggroed you do alot of good work. thumbs up to you brother, i'm always eager to read your posts.

Congratulations and thank you everyone mentioned here for your hard work. It's great to have a discussion. Keep it up.

witnessed you sir.

can some one kindly explain what this witness stuff is all about? cos kinda lost here right now like in a desert... Desert.jpg

What a great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

and it's a date!

I'm surprised Steemit doesn't have more Podcasts. The wealth of source material for content seems a two way street to me.

X I will try to hear through live only. Because it can not see directly with the eyes. Thank you for this master's imformation

@aggroed: Excellent initiative, this will help not only those who have time on the platform, but also new users, I have little time in steemit and I need to learn as much as I can, so I can help others, that's why you should urge all, to help us and grow all as a community that characterizes steemit.

Such a wonderful concepts!! Steemians would love to share their voices
of how Steemit as an amazing flatform use to innovate & ideas to reality.
I would like to support this.

Great line up - I remember @andrarchy's crazy video on steemenomics a while back, how times have moved on!

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