Steem Witness Forum 1/20/18 - The Recording!

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It was an absolute pleasure to host the Steem Witness Forum today. If anything is clear it's that Steem has a fantastic group of people supporting it. We have devs, community leaders, business leaders, and a team of folks that have a strong interest in seeing the Steem ecosystem continue to grow sustainably.

For the most part this show followed the questions posed in the last post:

What is the largest problem on Steem? How do we address it?
Should Steem grow and if so what does Steem need to grow?
What should our priorities be?
Can we handle the growth?
What's causing the rise in price even as bitcoin hovers in the 12k range?
Are the rewards being distributed well?
What constitutes abuse? How should we handle abuse?
How are voting bots positively or negatively effecting Steem?
What do you want Steemit to work on?
Closing thoughts to share?

I'll work on getting a outline up

I'll go back and listen to this, and get some notes up about the event so you can listen in on thoughts to various questions from various panel members.

A great audience

I saw a really healthy discussion in the chat and would encourage you to both listen to the conversation and watch text scroll because at time the audience participation especially by @fyrstikken is driving parts of the conversation.

Intense Gratitude

We had around 100 live listeners, 7 panelists, and a small crew helping keep Discord running without spam and msp-waves operating normally. I'm very grateful to the folks that spent some time managing this. I'm also grateful to the whales and minnows listening in on a Saturday to hear about Steem. It's an honor to serve as a Witness on this platform and I appreciate your support.

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Shades of red/green instead of numeric reward ... So doesn't scale.

Like none of the 3 people who considered this a good idea didn't consider reward is relative to context.

Getting 20$ is #Knitting might be a relatively high.

It was a pleasure to be involved. Thanks again @aggroed for organizing this and "herding the cats" together to make this happen. These discussions are so valuable because they go far beyond just people talking. Each person brought an important perspective and highlighted important aspects of how to continue improving this ecosystem. Discussing those ideas impacts our thinking and changes our actions for the better.

I do agree with your comment

Thank you @aggroed for organising this and getting a bunch together!

@roelandp is it amazing right? I'm happy now, I wanna serve as a witness too.


I have missed it but will make it my sunday ‘task’ to listen and learn. I am psyched the community of Witnesses take time to reflect and discuss developments within Steemit so we can monitor if it is and remains a healthy place :-) Thanks for that!

Aggroed, I appreciate you gathering the witnesses for conversation, hosting and publishing the recording. Thank you for this contribution as I feel this is extremely valuable!

I just joined Steemit yesterday and am learning the ropes. I am glad to hear that issues are being addressed like flagging and bot up/downvoting which can be used maliciously. I'm looking forward to reading your report on the proceedings.

I love the show @aggroed! I enjoyed the discussion of the witnesses . ♥ Thank you very much for your support to the community :)

I am glad i visited your blog few minutes to the live show @aggroed. I was able to read and tune in intime.

I really learnt alot. Alot that i will share with people over here! The issues were divided into two majorly by a witness (i couldn't really get his name). He kinda called it the blockchain issues and the community issues and that tackling one of them before the other will be good! I really liked that.

Good moderating @aggroed. Thumbs up sir! You did a great job with the 'DJ'ing too. I could see you love jackson's music!

Thanks witnesses for taking time to talk to us and address those questions!


@Aggroed, Very informative cast, like the channel.
Thank you for all the effort you put into keeping the community together.
And of course playing good music afterwards :D
Steem to take over the world 2018! (at least the social world)

I'm looking forward to the text summary..

Thank you for posting this recording. I missed most of the show so this is valuable to me:-)

This is actually my first vote on DTube :) Thanks for capturing all these valuable thoughts. My impression of steemit, steem and everything related to it just grows. Thank you very much for this video.

I could imagine some of the conversations were based on reward pool caps, as I came here when the war was in full swing, mentioning no names, I hope you all came away with some good ideas to stop self voting and reward pool "rape" seemed to be the term most were using, here is hoping you are all in agreement, and taking us forward in the right direction, in you guys we voted, and I liked the fact my vote was worth the same weight as anyone else's here, even though I do not have as much sp or monetary value.

I didn't catch it. Were you talking about steem, having its own anonymous debit card? As that is one of the major problems today - politics is trying to stop all the crypto traders (except bankers, they can do that without problem)

That was interesting! Thanks for sharing and putting so much time into this.

What is the largest problem on Steem? How do we address it?
Hey there, my name is Ruben Cress. From the point of view from a new user on Steemit (Joined January 2018), here are my thoughts about the ‘largest problems’ on Steem. I think there are quite a few challenges on the platform that could be addressed as problems but should be seen as prioritized improvements.

Authentic people
One of the first questions that I got is: How real are you? Are you a real person? The worries people have about people being authentic and real are legit, so far, I have seen a number of ‘fake’ people (scammers) running blogs on Steemit with stolen images and/or identities. I’ve noticed the major community of Steemit are willing to help other people out, especially new users on the platform. Being skeptical about giving your up-vote is a good thing, please continue to be skeptical. But since ‘whales’ have the (Steem) power to influence the popularity of a post/person, the last thing you want to be concerned about is: Is this a real authentic person, or did I give my up-vote to someone who is fake, this question should not be spinning around in your head, despite any amount of SBD upvoted.

Side problems

  • Spammers: The number of spammers will compound and lead eventually in more spammer¬s and scammers, which will lead in server overflood. (unnecessary data being stuck in the blockchain)
  • Bots: I noticed that bots comment on posts, claiming that you have entered a contest (Personally: I do not want to enter a contest, unless I say that I am entering one). For new users, this could be confusing.
  • Identity Theft / Plagiarism. Without really knowing the person is Authentic, you can assume there will be plagiarized by ‘fake’ people. Identity theft is a huge problem in my opinion since we are given 7 days to ‘edit’ a post.

Possible solution:
Getting people verified before they get rewarded in SBD. Point-system? Rookie-Area? No access to the ‘official’ board until verified/approved?
By verifying people before they get rewarded on their posts, you would scare the spammers/scammers and make it less interesting for people to make 100 accounts. It would be harder for people to abuse identity theft. Steemcleaners is doing a wonderful job on attacking people who plagiarize. They are scanning a lot of posts. A specific area for new users would increase the ‘focus’ on ‘how legit are you?’.
Which leads me to another large problem I’d like to address.

Copyright / Plagiarism.
I’ve only be a member for a few weeks, and I’ve seen a lot of users, use Copyright protected content. Images, logo’s, artwork, texts and so on. This is a huge problem in my eyes, I am a photographer and my images get stolen/used without my permission quite some times. Which leads me to the responsibility of the user. Verifying the user. Flagging is a powerful tool for users. My posts received some flagging. But I am authentic. All the content I post, are mine. But still I got flagged. Anyone can flag a post. So how dangerous is this ‘flagging’ option actually if we add the personal way of flagging someone we dislike?

I could go in deeper, but I would love to hear your thoughts about this @aggroed.

From what I’ve seen the major priority that should be fixed is, creating accounts, and verifying users.

Very very good follow up with this comment. Thank you for your time thats for sure. The last one hits me too. the copyright. I see more and more violation and I can see issues arising. I guess it will take a proactive community to help out. thats a tough reliance though

Thanks :-)
@Steemcleaners and @Originalworks are putting work out there to keep Steemit clean and.. original ;-)

I would avoid using originalworks. It is completely useless bot that doesn't work in most of the cases :-)

I dont really know anything about it to be honest

oh wow so much to learn

Good moderation.
Sadly we couldnt get more in those 2 hours, interessing how the witnesses see the problems, but is there gonna happen something? I mean is there a conclusion or a call to action?
Is this going to be a format, like every 3r saturday of a month or something?
Id expected a bit more people to show up, I even tried to get some german witnesses to join but I think non of them had time.
@afrog falls es dich interessiert.

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Great information

Hi im Micah this was great I am learning lots from joining steemit. I Love steemit. Thanks for what you are doing for the future!

I believe you gave a lot of time and energy to elaborate such a valuable information.
Thank you

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All the witnesses had some really valid points. Thank you for all your doing. I would like to be more involved in this community. I'm a developer and if I have to relearn C I'll do it hahaha. Dang it I'm still learning Python. Anyway, true the search and trending "features" are crappy. I'd like to see some real features like filtering your following's posts not resteems. Also, being able to "bookmark" quality posts for future reading and saving posts that have vital information that is valuable (like a reference).

Thank you for posting this recording

Thanks for posting this announcement! I really enjoyed the discussion and learned a lot.

Am new to this steem thing any comments on how to enjoy it

Hello! I signed up for your blog, you too subscribe to my, thanks
Life is beautiful!

Well, after exploring the community for a while am sure that no social networking site or blog had a perfect start. There must be bugs. Some errors though are noticed after continous use but after sometimes, it will get to that desired position. Haven't been here for long though but as a coder, I'll surely bring the bugs to notice when found. Just keep on the good work people!

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I would love to see what can be done regarding some of the item above such as handling abuse, managing voting bot and it impact and also how the rewards are being distributed. A lot of these if attended to appropriately would greatly impact the value of Steem positively. This is really good. Nice one.

Am inspired by the Steem forum that you have organized so far i think am learning from your footsteps by doing the same thing our new up coming steemiam by leading them to the right part to steemit and also hosting a classes for them!!!!!!

Homage is valuable to you @aggroed, and we also support the development of steem fore.
the questions in the ask is one way of developing and anticipation of bad things happening.

It is a privilege to be one of the members of steem! Thanks for giving me to express my my view, I terms Of The witness, I choose @jesta has my witness and but I never see it impact on my post or my blog, maybei didn't important to what the witness is all about. Secondly, I term of up voting I noticed that that does Ones that joined around July or June 2017, does ones have higher vote with any post but the new comer hard have 3 to 6vote, despite the post will try hard to send. That is my view and observation, help me with explanation?

This is epic thanks for the info and love to share 🔥🔥🔥

Nice to hear such great insight from the witnesses. Keep these coming!

Seems like more are tuning in each week! :D Thanks for the music and interesting content!

wish you more success and God bless you!

I think you might enjoy knowing this is the post that encouraged me to finally get on Discord.
Thanks for that!

That does make me happy!

Hardwork is always appreciated.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

I would like to see that what can be done regarding some of the item above such as handling abuse, managing voting bot and it impact and also how the rewards are being distributed. A lot of these if attended to appropriately would greatly impact the value of Steem positively. This is really good. Nice one.


It is about finding a path to follow..
It is about keeping yourself motivated to write better..
It is about broadening your thinking..
It is about spending your time productively.

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