Annoucing my solo witness

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Hello everyone, as you may have red we are sunsetting the steempress/Exxp witness and project

A new adventure as a solo witness

Even though we are sunsetting the project, I wish to continue contributing to the Hive governance.
I believe it is paramount that we have technical witnesses who have knowledge of what is happening in the actual blockchain code, and are able to make educated decisions on what versions to run.

Who I am and what do I do

If you want a really deep dive, I wrote a post a while ago

I've been co-running the @steempress witness for the past 5 years and for most of it I had the priviledge of being a top 20 witness. Directly impacting decisions like hbd rates, account creation costs or more directly what features we would run or not. And sometimes sitting in the war room with other witnesses for hours when someting went awfully wrong. (cough Hard fork 20 cough)

I am a developer so most of my contributions are technical. Back in the Steem Era I was testing steemit's code and successfully prevented quite a few bugs from reaching the mainnet, including a few chain-breaking bugs related to SMTs (you guys remember those ?).

When Hive forked away from Steem, I took a much more direct role in hive's development and started to contribute directly by writing feature. I worked my hardest to help kickstart the chain from nothing. Notably I wrote the code that removed all of justin sun's stake (sun was not happy and forked away my stake along with a bunch of others over on the steem side).

More recently, you probably know me for my work as a core developer on hive. I build features that directly affect the blockchain or the services that are vital to the functioning of the chain and it's features (eg: hivemind that supports features like communities). You may have interacted with some of my contributions like RC delegations, recurrent transfers, the ability to update a proposal and soon new communities types
I also organize a monthly dev meetings where most of the developers can come and discuss various topics and post about it on my blog.

If you like my contributions and would like to support me in this new adventure as a solo witness please consider voting for me on your favorite front end:

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I am voting for you and getting the word out.
You have always been very active in helping improve the tech of the chain.

Thanks for all you have done.


Thanks you ! It means a lot

Done, @howo. I shan't repeat what I said on the post announcing @exxp's exit.

On the other hand, you may want to update your bio...#justsaying


And thanks again!

Updated my bio, thanks I completely forgot 😅

Heh, great catch! I suppose that's not critical or even important, there's no shame in showing all the good work on SteepPress (unless we get a mob of angry people again saying it has to be renamed to HivePress, etc), but certainly referring to the new wittness node name might help getting some new votes there.

good luck, welcome aboard.

"steem" name in the consensus witnesses were not looking good any ways. 🤨

Climbing back to top 20 is a pain but that's certainly an upside 😄

Wow, @howo, your journey in the blockchain world is truly impressive! It's fascinating to read about your role in the development of both Steem and Hive.

Looking forward to supporting your new adventure as a solo witness. Count on my vote.

Thanks ! It has sure been an adventure haha

I probably would not understand what you do.
I find it funny you found my name as I am ignored the rest of the time.
While I do not know what you do for the chain. I do know what you do not do. There is not one witness that can show me, Interests are in the future security and success of the blockchain. All can show I done this code I done that code. History shows us, Making code does not impact future security of the chain. It might provide secure and a safe environment. All of those things are peripheral to success. While the chain needs them. It is similar to a keyboard on a desktop.

Many have invested to the blockchain. Yourself with code time and probably some of your own finance. That all helped you get to where you are. I do not think anyone should have issue with what anyone on the chain has.

I truly believe we should not vote a witness on the ability to code. It should be given on character. No time is given to the people to get to know you.

I also see you have a core development proposal. Tell ne what developing the core is. Or what your opinion of what the core of the blockchain is. I feel strongly we will differ on that. Because you requested for a witness vote.

Well for making ye read all that, which you will probably take as negative feedback, It is actually positive. I voted your witness and returned back to the darkness of not useful.


I got your transfer memo in my wallet and I changed my witness vote from steempress to howo

You are a really talented developer in my eyes and definitely deserve the support in exchange for helping the Hive ecosystem get more comfortable and grow.

Same here! Without this, I'd certainly overlook that and my humble one vote-point would be wasted for next few months. Yeah, I don't check them too often :)

Consider it done. You do a lot for the community and the application tech wise.. You have my support sir.

Being a computer programmer myself, I intend to contribute to the improvement of specific features in Hive when time permits. In the meantime, I value the substantial effort put in by various community members, particularly individuals like yourself. I'm casting my vote to show my support and encouragement for your contributions.

Just moved my vote. Seeing the witnesses list reminded me that I need to look into this APR thing though. 20% seems insane, but most witnesses are voting in that level. What's up with that? 20% APR? Why?

Thank you, for the 20%. It's only for saved HBD, which isn't that much inflation because very few people leverage that feature. (if we notice that it goes out of hand we can always trim back). The goal is to create demand for HBD which protects it from de-pegging as we saw it happen previously and why there are initiatives like @hbdstabiliser

I was wondering about that as well. Sounds nice for an investor, but then - investors want to take profit, so that means generating selling pressure.. albeit, quite predictable selling pressure. It would be nice to hear about that from time to time, just to keep an eye on the stats, experiment is live, is there someone researching the effects? I have no idea. Quick 15-second search found two posts, distant in time from each other. I've yet to read them, but maybe you'd like to take alook as well. At least the first paragraphs of the first one sound reasonable, and the title of the second exactly states my doubts

older post:

newer post:

@howo what can I say, you have earned a vote, not for the person you are, but for what you do on HIVE, we are interested in this on HIVE, outside you can also be a horrible person, but if on HIVE you give 100% and you transform in a person who gives 100% for HIVE, well, you deserve my vote, I wasn't on steem but they often talked to me about some things mentioned by you, so I understand what you write. I wish you the best and I hope that one of my last votes that I can distribute to the witnesses will make you happy. Sorry if I kept you too long on this comment, see you on HIVE

Thanks a lot, no worries I am also not a horrible person 😅

Yes man, I thought so, and I must say that you didn't do too bad here on HIVE with the votes either, alone, you are already 26th in the witness ranking. But can you tell me what witnessing consists of , what is required etc , only if you have time mate , I have seen you work even when you are not working , so take your time if you can carve it out .


Thanks !

Keep doing a great work, @howo! You have my vote!

Thank you !

Best wishes and success to you. The work you have put into the Blockchain has been incredible.

Best regards my friend! You have my support, I will vote for you.

Cool beans let's keep it going!

All that cheese and fuet (from the other post)... damn.. coupled by a (few) bottle(s) of good red wine. I can take that!

Nice to keep you onboard. Time fly! The condensed version of saying thanks to people in this chain, is generally a hard thing to mentally put into words, all along all the people that have been involved in core development and chain security. But I can go the simple version...


And, having that said, let's go go go go !

I voted for you man! I wish you all the best on your journey. I don't remember most of the stuff you shared with us because I wasn't in Hive at the time :P

Hi @howo, I´d like to vote for you, but I don´t know how it works, so please be patient... in december I have so many work, but I´ll try to check it out after christmas... hope it is not to late...

Take your time :)

Hi @music-nature voting can be done at any time. You can vote via PeakD or other APIs For Howo you can also vote via this link: If need help just ask anyone here :)

Thank you for the informations! 🙏🙏🙏

Although solo work is difficult, it already has enough experience to do an excellent job in the #Hive block chain and what remained in the top 20 for a long time. Has my vote to witness

Good luck and keep up the good work

Goodluck with this bro. 💎🙏🏻

Supported! Good luck!

You are doing really great!

Keep the good work on🙂

Amazing job, thank you for all you did. You have my support!

Thanks for all your work! Will vote today.

Awesome! You have my vote.

I believe it is paramount that we have technical witnesses who have knowledge of what is happening in the actual blockchain code


Approved, are development api documentations improving ? If someone wants to interact with HIVE api, WHERE to start ? is probably your best bet, I planned on working on that but I haven't found the time yet

Hi, Howo, yes, I know your work, and I really have received support from your vote many times.

It is correct that I am going to change my witnesses, and I tell you that you can count on me, as I plan to do the witness update on 22 December when, God willing, I will be 6 years in this world.

And I will see what new witnesses I will incorporate.

You can count with my vote my @howo friend!.... I wish you the best and thank you very much for all you have done and will do for our lovely ecosystem! HUGS!


Done voting for your witness. Thank you for all the hard work.

Done! 👍



Creo que ya lo hice, avisame si falta algo más. Saludos y éxitos en tu crecimiento. Saludos.

Hi @howo. Supported

A hug 💙

You have my support @howo. Congratulations for your projects on Hive :)

Just voted for you. Good luck! 😊

Thanks !

Hi @howo, best wishes.
Today I received your invitation to support you, I read and your posts and just voted for you for witness.
Best wishes and good success for your project.

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Greetings friend, ready my support

Just switched from steempress to howo, hope to see you on top 20, good luck with your journey.

so the exxp app for wordpress is discontinued if i read this correctly? For whatever version we have installed will still work until it breaks in future wordpress versions correct?

No, the current and old versions will stop working.

Although I am contemplating making a "steempress light" plugin that will work without a server making sure that it will work forever

I've known you since I'm on hive for four years or more. I witness your amazing work and I heard a lot about in terms of technicalities. Yes, my vote will be yours.

Thank you for the vote and the kind words :)

@howo Supported! Good Luck 🤗💪

Hello dear friend @howo good evening
How great that you continue alone as a witness
You have my support
have a beautiful night

I just voted for you, all the best and keep up the good work 😊

Duly voted !!

Thank you for all your efforts @howo. Through this effort, everyone in the blockchain can benefit. You can count on my vote.

I received your note and voted for you.

👍you got my vote

Good luck sir

Good luck!

I have voted for you right away. Welldone for your work

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