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Hi all,

I am running my Hive Witness for quite a while and sooner or later it was clear that something will happen :) I just got informed by witness colleague @bluerobo that my witness was starting to miss blocks, which is obviously not the intended way that a witness should operate, so I took a look and obviously, the Hard Drive was completely and fully loaded with 100% and the blockchain could not be kept synchronized ...

bad bad thing this

Ok, that was for sure an issue that needed immediate solving. I anyways wanted to move away from Contabo as a Provider and took the opportunity to transfer this to a server of mine I have here locally in my basement and not somewhere with an internet provider.
It only has a Ryzen 5 1600 Processor but that should be more than enough to run, I invested in 16GB of Ram additionally so that it now holds 32GB, which also should be adequate.

Well, for sure syncing the chain took quite a while but I am happy to say that my new witness server already produced the first block today!
Additionally, I also set up the pricefeed again and it seems to be working like a charm.

That is looking better again

So, it is like most of the time, a crisis always brings along the possibility to do better and change something..

If you want to leave a vote I would be happy you can either vote here or in any of the tools that are already in place to vote for Hive Witnesses.

Thanks to @bluerobo, @stayoutoftherz and @rishi556 (for the documentation I used to set up a new witness server)


ps oh I used the chance as well to update to 1.27.4 ;)


to transfer this to a server of mine I have here locally in my basement

That is very nice to hear from you, becouse i like to see people have their Witness Server at Home to be prevented from potential regulations from the goverments.

Me is trying to make my Witness Server too with a very similiar Hardware to yours (Ryzen 2600 is the base of it) It is just question of time if i follow your good example to make the Hive Blockchain more save. More Nodes, more Savety for us all, becouse every Node had the same copie of the Blockchain.




Ziehs durch, die Anleitung von stayoutoftherz und rishi556 ist wirklich gut :)

Das wird auf jeden Fall gemacht. 😃

1.27.4. steht mir auch noch bevor :(
Super, dass der Umstieg geklappt hat, ich bin noch bei Contabo.

Hat alles wunderbar geklappt, dummerweise hab ich noch ein bisschen Vertrag bei Contabo, aber was solls jetzt hab ich alles direkt hier und nicht mehr irgendwo rumstehen :)

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Hi @jedigeiss I am reaching out to you to ask for a witness vote, if you have a spare one, I will do the same for you. I am a new witness, and like you I own my hardware and host it in the city that I live in. keep in touch and thanks again