Witness update #6 – Server update, team news, and statistics

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Empowering Curators, Community Leaders, and Minnows. Valuing engagement and positive interactions.

In this update:

  1. @steemcommunity - Sunday 28th October 2018
  2. Server update to v0.20.6
  3. C² - @c-squared
  4. @steemcommunity, @c-squared, @c-cubed statistics
  5. @steemcommunity follows/votes


Welcome to the 5th post from the @steemcommunity witness.

If you are visiting our page for the first time and would like to find out more about our project, please take a look at our initial contribution:

Introducing @steemcommunity - A Witness Project by @abh12345 and @paulag

We would like to begin by sincerely thanking everyone for the early support for our witness. Our current ranking of #73 is way beyond where we saw ourselves this early in our journey.

Thank you!


1. @steemcommunity - Sunday 28th October 2018

Yesterday, the members of @steemcommunity witness worked for over 10 hours upgrading the server, produced an Engagement league post, curated and reviewed heaps of content, produced a curation 'best of' post (@c-cubed), took the dogs for a walk, and cared for multiple children. For 0 STEEM.

And that's excluding the 200+ people curating for @c-squared and @c-cubed.

Without a team, this work would not be possible. And currently, there is no financial incentive for any team members, as the witness earnings cover server costs. We do this work because we believe in the Steem blockchain, engagement, retention, and manual curation.

A special thank you to fellow witness, @c-squared team member, @curie server admin, and likely many other roles he receives little praise for, @markangeltrueman, for spending countless hours with the server yesterday.

2. Server update to v0.20.6

As mentioned above, this did not go soundly and we spent more hours than planned offline. This was due to two replay 'hangs', something which more than one other witness reported.

No blocks were missed during the downtime.

Next month we are moving server location and including a backup server.

3. C² - @c-squared

C Squared Logo Transparency 300px.png

Three months have flown by and the C² Curation Collective continues to grow. Nearly 12,000 posts have been up-voted & resteemed through the @c-squared community account after manual curation & review in the C² Discord server.

@c-squared has consistently up-voted over 500 posts each and every week!

What is C²?

The Curation Collective, AKA C² / @c-squared, is a community intended for curators

on the Steem blockchain. Curators share curated links in the C² Discord server; C² voters review submitted posts for spam/plagiarism then upvote & resteem on the @c-squared community account.

Any individual curator or curation group is welcome to join C² on Discord:


  • Provide a community where curators on the Steem blockchain can come together and receive support for their curation efforts;
  • Up-vote & resteem under-rewarded authors and great posting on the @c-squared community account;
  • Promote engagement in comments on the STEEM blockchain.

C² - up-voting real posts by real humans


in the #guidelines channel in the C² Discord community (check the pinned notes, pushpin icon upper right, to read the guidelines in the correct order).

4. @steemcommunity, @c-squared, @c-cubed statistics


Steem Power: 1,195 owned / 2,197 active

Total blocks mined since 31st March 2018 (go live): 1003

Votes cast, past 31 days


Steem Power: 309 owned / 12,545 active

Votes cast, past 31 days


Steem Power: 101 owned / 1236 active

Votes cast, past 31 days

5. Follows/votes by @steemcommunity

The @steemcommunity account is relatively small at present, but we hope in time it will grow steadily.

The aim of the account is to support community accounts, and the articles that are resteemed by these accounts. Voting continues to take place on and ad-hoc basis and is 100% manual.

Please let us know if you run a community account and would like a Follow by @steemcommunity

If you have any questions with regards to @steemcommunity, or the partnership with C², please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again for your kind support and for your time today,

Asher @abh12345, Paula @paulag and @c-squared - @carlgnash, @llfarms, @markangeltrueman, @randomwanderings


Useful links

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Seriously, what is a STEEM witness? Why should I care? How do I become one? (Answer)

@witnesspage - Find all witness updates, resteemed by this account!

Where to vote for a witness: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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Your project is great and I like C2 staff. I would like knowing if you usually select only postz in English language. This because I am Italian and I write everyday but just a few posts are in English. So I have thought this could be a reason why I was never been selected by your Curators!!!
Are there for Italian Communities?
I will increase my English posts and so I hope that It will help me in the future and meanwhile I will keep doing my best!!!
Good job Asher, Paula and all the other managers. I follow all of your projects and I want to send a huge thank you from me and all the Steemians!

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Hi @moncia90

Thank you for curating our blog! :D

I'm sorry you haven't been selected yet, I'm sure that you can get curated in English and Italian sometime soon.

Thanks again for your kind message!

Thank you for your support

Thanks for witnessing! I just joined the great world of witnesses myself ;-)
It feels good doing something extra for the Steem-community!

Hello @steemcommunity ... What can you do for leaders in a community ...?
Sorry, so far I haven't understood the @steemcommunity program, but I'm studying it in the @steemcommunity posting ....

Does @steemcommunity have a program to support large communities?
We are from the Indonesian Dtuber community ...