Hive Witness Essentials: Pricefeed - Support for Huobi & ProBit

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Greetings fellow Witnesses,

I've pushed a new update for Pricefeed that enables support for Huobi and ProBit. I've also looked into MCX but said exchange requires an API key.

2020-04-24T09:41:33.229Z - Exchanges: Bittrex: 0.188$, ProBit: 0.189$, Huobi: 0.188$
2020-04-24T09:41:33.274Z - Exchanges (USDT): Kraken: 1.000, Bittrex: 1.000
2020-04-24T09:41:33.278Z - Average HIVE/USDT: 0.188
2020-04-24T09:41:33.280Z - Average HIVE/USD: 0.189
2020-04-24T09:41:35.808Z - Published Pricefeed: 0.189$

Update Instructions

To update to the newest version, you'll need to do a git pull as well as edit the config inside essentials/pricefeed/configs/config.json so it includes huobi and probit. It's okay for the config to also include Binance, as they hopefully will add Hive soon.

  "bittrex": true,
  "binance": true,
  "huobi": true,
  "upbit": true,
  "probit": true


New to Witness Essentials?


@someguy123 added a status command to remote-control, which enables you to see your current signing-key & other info 👍🤙


If there are any problems, please let me know.




Soon my upvotes will be worth something again!

They actually are now!

I know the price increase is amazing but how is the onboarding going?

I hope that the price will be consistent and will climb up more.

Well it certainly has

Hope for good

You've gained my witness vote! Cheers and good luck on the chosen path.