Wknd Freewrite-2/19/22- (3 prompt- by pixiehunter)

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Weather had gotten colder in the month of February, so we sent mama off to stay in town, with family. A home with better heating than our old stove. The mines had finally opened back up and Jack was able to upgrade some of the old things in our home. The time came to bring mama back home. Jack took our Katie with him to get mama. "Okay, Granny, close your eyes and hold on to my arm", she said as they pulled up in the wagon. Slowly they stepped up onto the porch as Katie carefully guided her each step. Jack opened the door.. "Granny you're not peaking are you?"
"No no little one." "Ok, good. Few more steps gma. Ok, you can open them now," says Katie, with a huge smile. Mama put her hands to her heart and tears began to flow. "It's so beautiful Jack!" "Well mama, we decided it was time for us to upgrade this home." Just as they were talking, Nathan came flying through the front door covered in mud.
"what in tarnation is all over you young man?" Nathan grinned, "its just mud granny. See", he says as he tries to wipe some off. "It's from the mudhole." "Ahh, I wanna go play in it too. Can I mama?" "Well, says granny, at least we know you won't be covered in it like your brother." All three adults laughed at that. That was the big difference between them - he was a jumper and she was a wader. "Just make sure you clean up at the trough before you both come running in here again. Last thing we need is mud all over this clean floor." "But mama, says Nathan, it'll just match a tea stain on the wallpaper." Nathan ducked and ran out the door as Jacks hand flew at his head. Granny just shakes her head and giggles. "he sure reminds me of someone at that age", she says as she looks at Jack. Jack just shakes his head and grins as he heads to the kitchen. "come on mama, I couldn't have been that bad!"
As he walks by, she swats his leg. "Oh, don't act like you were innocent. You were always looking for things to do.......
This entry is a continued freewrite from the week's daily. Hope you enjoyed the read. thank you for stopping by.


This is really good! Your writing skills are getting better all the time. Looking forward to much much much more :)

Why thank you, that was very kind to say. I'm slowly getting into the swing of things.

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