Banks Collapsing, Riots in Europe... This is Fine.

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Not sure if the world is increasingly going to shit these days or if with the advent of the era of information technology has us as citizens of earth having far greater ability to document and share the state of the planet, either or, it seems lately the world is in a state of perhaps engineered chaos.

In the past week we've seen a number of huge banks collapse, which given how the fiat system is set up, not surprising. Wall street and the bankers have always played things "hot and fast" leading to absolutely catastrophic failures (and bailouts) when things go wrong.

The way things are headed I'd not be surprised with the failure of these few recent banks we'll see more of a run on failures of others here in the near future. Silicon Valley Bank was one of the ones to recently go down.. Heralded as a bastion of venture capital for technology startups, there is no way they should have been able to fail as they did, but alas, I'd not be writing this shitpost had they not ended up fucking themselves up. Silicon Valley as a whole as well as the technology sector is growing.. How the hell you can have banks specializing in venture capital to boost startups in this sector failing is hella suspicions. The other offended Signature Bank also fell in a similar fashion, when being called on to see if liquidity was there.. It wasn't. The federal bail outs of these things tend to drive me nuts..

How in the hell should the taxpayer be on the hook for mismanagement of CEOs? They shouldn't have to.. What is being done in this field is a massive obvious corruption of corporation and state, and frankly I don't think people who are paying federal taxes should be the ones taking the bill for these corpo fucks.

Huge Protests Lead to Violence in Europe

A video of the Dutch Protests

Seems both the people of France and the Dutch are fed up with the way the federal governments of the world are handling things and exercising massive over regulation and overreach against their people. With the German Government arming the Dutch Government to crack down on protesters, primarily consisting of farmers, with armored vehicles and weapons I suspect things will just get more greasy over there. We're noticing a massive crack down globally on people peacefully protesting..

Which is expected in regimes like China or Russia, but in supposedly free countries? What the actual fuck is going on, and who in these government bodies is signing of on basically running war time operations on civilians who are peacefully expressing themselves in a plead on the global stage against tyranny. We're headed towards dark times. The people are not the problem, the governments of the world with their endemic corruption almost certainly is.

Keep your head on a swivel and your finger on the pulse of the freedoms of the world. Rights mean nothing unless you can defend them and in a time where the only rights you have are the one you can defend with force.. Keeping an eye on things is a must.


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Hahahahaha, yep! Put a slug in there and you can certainly put rights where they need be.. Or rock salt if you want to be polite about it. Cheers man!

Who would have thought the system might crack if you locked people down? We knew that this would happen. Funny to see that Germany is going in and supplying the dutch with the required force. If their voting system isn't toast yet, they will vote to leave the EU next.

Worst part is for me, if I go onto a canadian IP address and look on twitter for this shit.. absolute radio silence.

God this planet is fucked. if it wasn't so disturbed I'd watch with popcorn.. but shit is kinda troubling beyond being able to just take enjoyment from it all.

Canada and the EU like their new ruler class a lot.

"Keep your head on a swivel."

Good advice.


Keeping aware without getting overwhelmed is the trick..

OODA loop can get corrupted.. SLLS when you can in all theatres available to you.