World Earth Day | 22 April

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World Earth Day is celebrated every year across the world on 22nd of April to increase the awareness among people about the environment safety.

  • The day was proposed and the UNESCO conference in 1969 and the first Earth Day celebration took place in 1970.
  • The campaign theme for this year is and plastic pollution.
  • Now we all know plastic is the pollutant which not only decreases the fertility of land but it's also the one which take upto 2000 years to degrade completely.
  • As there is no clean method to recycle the plastic waste as the result I can be found at all the places on the earth where human kept it's foot.
  • It is one of the everyday use material which is polluting Air, Water and Land. More you use them more you are surrounded with the harmful effects of plastic.
  • Just think of any place you are confident about not getting plastic and google it, you will be surprised to see the result. Since plastic is not naturally occurring substance then who you think is responsible for this and should we take steps to minimize them?
  • We should utilize all possible space to cut down the use of plastic by replacing them with degradable version of plastic and using paper packaging instead of plastic, by planting more trees to counter the CO2 produced by their combustion and all.
  • Earth day is regarded as the largest secular observance in the world.


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Today's World is wrapped, packed, packaged and bottled in plastic. Anything you pick up, has somewhere, somehow, plastic associated to it. Plastic is littered, everywhere!!! uncontrolled, unabated and un-managed!!! Its high time, that the World understands its danger !!!

It is disgusting how inconsiderate people can be, I saw a video on someone deliberately swimming through part of the ocean full of rubbish. It made me sick. It is really crazy how polluted Earth has become and there is virtually no financial incentive for anyone to change it.

You are absolutely correct, we certainly need an economical yet ecofriendly alternative of plastic, that could be the best possible solution of this problem

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we must be united in campaigning that we should always follow the;

the earth is flat

Depends upon prospective,from where you are watching it.

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