World Liver Day | 19 April

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World liver day is commemorated on 19th April every year to build awareness and understanding how important the liver is for our body

  • Like every other organ liver is also critical for our survival, now the big deal with liver is that, in INDIA unhealthy liver is 10th most common cause of death due to disease. So it must have its own importance.
  • Most commonly occurring disease of liver is fatty liver which is a result of unhealthy eating habit which not only include eating fast foods but also eating at an irregular passion.
  • 6 signs when you should start thinking about your liver 1. Sudden weight gain, 2. Allergies (I too have thus symptom), 3. Chronic fatigue, 4. Excessive sweating and body odor, 5. Acne, 6. Bad breath.
  • And yes theme for the year 2018 is " riding new waves in liver diagnosis, Staging and treatment"

Some foods that can help you recover

Foodhow it helps
Garlic Garlic:help in detoxifying body
CarrotsCarrots:contain carotenoids which stimulate bile to flow
AppleApple:help detoxifying liver
WalnutsWalnuts:help the liver flush out fat flush out fat soluble
Green teaGreen tea:beneficial in liver cancer and non alcoholic fatty liver disease
Cruciferous vegetablesCruciferous vegetables:such as spinach and lettuce reduce the risk of liver disease
Citrus fruitCitrus fruit:known for its natural cleansing property of liver

A small informative video on liver

Youtube link
All images are under free to use license and their sources are credited in respective names. I am not a medical expert it's just an informative post

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Great post, I can add that alcohol is the number one ennemy of the avoiding alcohol is the best advice for a healthy liver

Agree :)

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Thank you so much for the great tips, sir. We should eat healthy to stay healthy.

We should eat healthy to stay healthy.

Absolutely true for healthy body and mind

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I think some explanations are needed regarding the benefit of the foods you have listed. Maybe you can drop in some literature?

I will keep that in mind for upcoming posts, thnx for advice

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Are you going to commerate this day with a drink?

Drink like wine or something, That's not good for liver at all, you should also avoid it if you are planning to 😀 we may have green tea or something if you want

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