Wrapped Hive & Witness Update & Hive Fest

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Hello there, it's been some time since I wrote my last post and since a lot of my work is closed-source (for now), I would like to share what I was doing in the past month.


Wrapped Hive

Since @ederaleng was unable to keep working on the validator node, I took the position of lead developer for the validator node.

We won't be able to have a public testnet running before December, but I still think it might be ready at least before Hive Fest.

A lot of code is already written, but I still need some time to put all pieces together (p2p, governance, coordination between nodes, approving of transactions, broadcasting transactions...).

Since decentralized Wrapped Hive is a top priority right now, support for Binance Smart Chain will have to wait for a little. I'm sorry about that :(

I'm currently working as a freelancer (+ some "offline" work), so I can't work on Wrapped Hive full time.

Witness Update

  • Rank: 61
  • Active rank: 61
  • Registration fee: 3.000 HIVE
  • Block size: 65536 bytes
  • Version: 1.24.4
  • Price feed: every 6 hour

Hive Fest

As you probably know already, thanks to @roelandp this year's Hive Fest will be in VR. Don't forget to register before December 7th, otherwise, you will have to pay a fee! Register here: https://hivefe.st/

This is how I'll look there:



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Witness announcement


@fbslo, Beauty of Decentralised System is, Experimentation Developments, Decentralised Events and most important aspect is Balanced Community and Economic Participation. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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