WRC Croatia 2023 / recap / Hive rally car Video. 🏁

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Its been a day or two since the WRC concluded so its time to reflect on the event a bit.
I was in Zagreb during the opening ceremony basically to give you guys a live coverage of the event.
When it comes to promotional activities timing is a very important factor.
No one cares now that the event is finished about someone writing how great the opening ceremony was.

I found it important to be there and get the community involved as much as possible. I am very happy with the results we got on Twitter specifically. I didnt want to overdo with the volume of tweets but the 10 tweets I did post generated around 16000 impressions/views and got a engagement rate between 9-16%.
Anything above 1% is considered really good.
My accounts is still fairly small but the reach far exceeded my follower count meaning many people that dont follow me and arent necessarily Hivers saw the tweets.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-25 at 13.06.59.jpeg

None of us, (maybe Jagoe) are any kind of factor on CT but the reason Im telling you guys all this is because we should have already started paying attention to Twitter as its the easiest way to promote Hive. And its free. (technically)


I grabbed my stuff, threw it in the car, got on the highway and got to Zagreb by 4 PM. Slaven had the pass ready for me and he was off after we met for a few minutes. Since there was a tragic death a couple days before the start of the race all the teams gathered as a group to honor Craig Breen.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-25 at 13.37.28 (1).jpeg

The organization seemed top-notch, stuff seemed to run smoothly and I was basically going around leaving Hive prospects and cards where I could.
I was getting a few looks from people when I was doing this but since most were women I couldnt tell if they were checking me out or just showing their disapproval. So I ignored it. Im sure it was the former.🤷‍♂

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-25 at 13.06.54 (1).jpeg

We started off in the car box where the repairs and preparations for the race are made and from there slowly moved up to the NSB (Library) where the opening ceremony was.
I chose poorly when deciding how I should get further down the lane to find the Hive car. I was basically walking on the edge of a hill. Every few minutes someone would tumble down it.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-25 at 13.07.02 (1).jpeg

I finally found Slaven with his car after pushing through the crowd and honestly, seeing it among the other cars, it was the only one that had a design with any type of uniqueness. It stood out.
Slaven was second up to introduce himself and the car which meant I had to run back on the edge of the hill. They spent a good 15 seconds up there in front of a crowd of thousands and many more hundreds of thousands at home.


Just for reference, WRC last year, all races taken into account had almost 1 billion TV viewers and average attendance of 300k+.
The Hive rally car is quite an investment but "nothing" is expensive once you know the crypto promotion prices and we cannot compete there. Its not that the rally car is "cool", these types of ideas are the only option we have to promote Hive. Sure, they require a lot of volunteer work but that we have to spare. We have to be imaginative and that we are.

Im going to drop the Hive rally car video here as well. I wrote a whole campaign for promoting the video, got people involved that wanted to help with "calls to action" but in the end nothing happened due to some IRL stuff in the background. Basically no one saw the video in the end. It was added in a Hive post and a discord tab but thats basically it.

Hopefully we will be doing the video promotion properly for the Sardinia race next month. It would be a massive shame and a wasted opportunity if this isnt seen by more people.
So here it is above, watch it, let me know what you think.



After WRC opening I continued to Serbia to meet up with the Freechain documentary director. We went through the first 1/3 of the film and I was blown away. I honestly believe it will be the best crypto documentary ever made.
The next update I make I will show you guys another small part of the film. There is also another big project I want to share with you guys for which we are quite excited. Its another amazing Hive story we would like to tell that we feel could resonate even more than the Hive/Sun story.
But theres a few more steps before that happens.

"If a story is not told, it's like it never happened; but worse, it's a wasted opportunity to inspire, educate, or connect with others."

Anyways... 1600 km In 3 days, 10 hours in the car on the way back, stiff neck and a numb bottom.
Im off to make myself a bath. 😘


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This shit is the bee's knees.

Must be cool to go to a WRC race, I love F1 but I enjoy more rally because its the driver against the elements there are a lot of variable and with hybrid cars they now have so much torque when the battery kicks in, I think this is a good initiative as Rally has so many fans but still small compare to other sports although its growing fast, Im familiar to that car, the shop car is also a Renault RS but street only 295 whp nothing like the the one on the video

Very good job all the team!

Really cool looking car!

Awesome stuff!

You're doing a great job with this. Just getting the Hive name out there will make a difference. Good luck to the team.


Amazing what Hive branding can do to the appearance of a Renault!

so awesome to see!

So awesome to see you drop by. 😉

Hats off to those who came up with the idea of representing Hive at the rally and to the pilots too! Such a lovely experience, even if discovered just online! Maybe in a few years this will become a thing and have more representants in more countries where rallies are held :)

This is lovely 🤩

Let's not be left behind, we must continue to bring the information to more people, what a success and what a joy I feel to be part of HIVE

I wish to attend if i was a Croatian 🎭🏅Great event!🎊

v.cool. gr8 work
slaven voice a little difficult to hear against music maybe?

Its on purpose in parts. If you listen to it a few times you figure out why. We had to add some audio afterwards. 🙂

aha! fair enough x

Great video! I wonder what people say or ask when they see our HIVE's emblem :)

That's great. Keep it up friend 👍. You are doing amazingly different.

sneak peak

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    Is this for real!? This is SO COOL!!!!

    Wow this is so so amazing😃🥳🥳

    Hive is going places 🥳🥳

    Wow, amazing. Congrats, this is fabulous indeed. I am totally impressed with what you've did.

    @tipu curate

    Yay! 🤗
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    Looks awesome @lordbutterfly! The Hive wrapping really makes the car stand out from the rest IMO.