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RE: Working with Weed, Some Chick from Tinder, and Probably Tripping too Much

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Very true, despite the changing laws my employers still aren't cool with it. I have to deal with the public and I know I am a million times cooler and more patient with a weed cookie or a few hits off my pen. I actually had that loose flirtyness pay off too. I had a brief but fun fling with the "pharmacy girl."


Lol the girl next door, nice... I approve.

She was pretty, dirty and somehow also nice but she was her own kind of trouble too lol. She was a lot of fun to hang out with and I would trade her my weed cookies for her hashoil. She was "separated" but that separation came to an end and so too did our fling. We keep in touch though (secretly, I assume) and she even bought me lunch and gave me a mango go krt to smoke on the other day...I need to reciprocate, speaking of.