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Hey My Dear Steemian Friends,


@muratkbesiroglu wrote a post recently titled "Creativity Tips" It really resonated well with me. He mentioned that adding a mystical atmosphere to the creation process was a practice used by many inventors and artists. However, @muratkbesiroglu chose to take a materialistic point of view. He regularly gets vitamin B complex, C, magnesium and zinc in his diet by taking the supplements. Although some American doctors claim that vitamin supplements don't work...but instead, you should get the vitamins from your food.

I do take vitamin supplements myself, because I don't always get a good daily diet. Your physical condition is vital to your creative mind. Don't we need to be healthy to be happy? Yes, emotionally and physically. So, exercising has an impact on our creative minds. Just going for a walk in nature and being observant opens the creative processes of our mind. We're looking at colors , shapes, sounds, and sensing the temperature and smells around us.

Moods and Creativity

What influences our moods? Could it be the weather? Sometimes. Could it be a change in our hormonal system? Yes. Could our environment influence our moods? Yes, most definitely. So, are our moods and creativity interconnected? Do our emotions strongly affect creative juices? I know I've asked a lot of questions here, but I'm aiming to prompt you to think about your own creative side. We all have one you know.

My Creative Experience

I'm a fairly newcomer here on Steemit( joined June 2017). I love to write and socialize with different people here on this platform. People from different culture; people doing things different from me. With that being said, I would like to tell you about my creative writing process here on Steemit.

My Writing Process

By nature, I'm a day person. I awaken at 5 a.m. to start my day. This is the best time for my creative process to start kicking in. My body and mind are rested well and I have a high energy level. After making coffee and taking my medication, I sit down in a comfortable spot with a device (smartphone, tablet, etc) and usually start reading or watching you-tube videos concerning Steemit. I learn a lot from @brandonfrye, @joeparys, and @jerrybanfield. There are others that I watch, but to keep things simple I stick with the above mentioned Steemians.

Immediately I get ideas and aspirations. So, that I don't forget my good ideas, they are immediately written down in a specific paper notebook. Using hands on products serves me better than too many electronic apps. Since I'm a visual learner, I color code everything with my ideas.

I have a plan. I aim to write one good quality post each morning and use a post scheduler. Then I will do small tasks around my house ( like getting dressed, cook, etc) while I go and read someone's post that I'm following and make a quality comment sometimes with an image. My daily goal on Steemit is this:

Write a quality post

Check my replies ...Comment

Read eleven posts that are 15-20 minutes old, and up vote and comment

After doing all these things, then I will spend my free time reading and learning more about how the Steem blockchain works. Reading opens the mind up to new ideas.

How To Stay Motivated

By having a routine to follow and being consistent helps me to stay motivated. Yes, I have my ups and downs, but by using a post scheduler I can be consistent with my posts. Earlier I mentioned, I write best early in the morning (and I do) but occasionally some like @muratkbesiroglu inspires me to write down a note or two that could turn in to 3 pages or more. That's fine. I have different color paper sitting around in various places of my home. I may have as many as 4 posts going on at the same time where I jot down a fresh idea.

Going forward, I never write when I'm tired or sleepy. The words don't come to me. Writing takes place when I get excited about something. So, I start the writing process.

I want to encourage you to write, write, write. Writing becomes easier for you with practice. Using some writing apps like Hemmingway or Grammarly will also help you to have more confidence. I've taken many Udemy writing courese and still I want to learn more about writing skills.

Lastly, I would say that if you map out a plan for even one hour a day and stick to it, your success on Steemit will grow. Here is a nike quote that motivates me and maybe it will motivate you too.


IF you enjoyed my post today, will you please give me an up vote and I will write more like this one.


Hello,@carolyseymour48 the good publication continues like this and you will see very positive things in this wonderful steemit community

Thank you for that comment. I hope to continue writing posts like this one.

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another great piece of work

What influences our moods?

yeah, that's a great question. one every man is asking himself. But perhaps it shoud go like that: 'What influences my wife moods?" :)



immediately written down in a specific paper notebook.

I do the same. pen and piece of paper is a must :)