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This was great advice. On the note of reading, would you have any suggestions or recommendations for must-read modern poetry collections?

One drawback is that I find a lot of poetry collections/chapbook that are published by small press abroad and have only physical copies. With shipping and everything, the cost becomes rather inaccessible (especially since I'm a student without generating any income). An example that comes to mind is a Portrait of the Alcoholic by Kaveh Akbar. I'd really want to read that eventually!

For my money, anything by Matthew Sweeney, Molly Peacock or Robert Minhinnick that you can get your hands on. I too don't really have the money to buy many collections atm. But search Google and you'll find a lot of good stuff.

Also, some anthologies are a great buy. I'd seriously recommend the Staying Alive collection.

Ah thank you! I gave a quick look and seems like some great variety. Will get to reading some of them by the end of the Summer I hope :3

How about I promise to keep trying to write? Will that do for now? But this series has meant a lot for me. I hope some day to come back and be able to say, "I did it," with an acceptance letter in hand (or more likely accurate, device showing acceptance email in hand).

Bex, you're already doing it. Your poetry has come on leaps and bounds. You could walk into an editing workshop and sit with pros.

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bookmarking this during pypt to really dig later but I enjoy the depth of this, am use to the usual?

That's lovely of you to say. Thanks very much.

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Thanks for this!

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