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Or - Steemit & Schrödinger's Kryptocurrency Kat

Watching the newbies joining Steemit reminds me of the bad old days of the Crypto Gold rush.

When the $4 Steem was King.

Jeff Berwick and his Anarcho-Capitalist Vigilantes pointed the torch of Liberty at this Steemit thing and thousands piled in.

The shout went up. "There was Gold in Dem Dar Crypto Hills."


You can actually get paid for Blogging?

That was enough for me, I was sold.

Jeff Berwick piled in with all his Anarcho-Capitalist Vigilantes.

And made $15000 for one post.

People went absolutely bonkers.

I ended up inside a bewildering world of Anarcho-Capitalists, Utopian dreamers,
College Kid Smart Asses, Radical Rights, Radical Lefts, Cryptocurrency Gurus,
Cryptocurrency Knobheads,
the Tag Taliban, Cheeteh the Plagiarism Checking Bot.
And shit, more speculators trying to turn a fast buck, quicker than you could say, Bitcoin is down again!

What saved it for me, was a great bunch of just normal people, (who are still here, I hope, and still Posting.)

Then it went Batshit again with everybody started Posting about Flagging wars & Whales n Dolphins and Minnows.

Was it a Blog site I was on or Fucking SeaWorld!

I plodded along, Posting my stuff and slowly getting involved in the sheer madness that was swirling around the site.

Steemit was going to change the world as we knew it.

It was,"Them," versus "Us."

Who, "Them," were, was really never made crystal clear.

It seemed to be everybody not on Steemit.

The, "Us," just had to be,"Us?" on Steemit?


Well sometimes, by the flow of angry posts that flew around.

The,"Thems," were also on Steemit. "The Enemy is inside the Gates."

"Close the Fucking Gates!!!!!!"

"It's to Fucking Late!!!!!!"

"Send in the Crypto Clowns. Wait! Don't bother, they're here:"D~

Some of the New Deal visionaries who had jumped in at $4 a Steem,
where losing all hope, as the price of Steem started to plummet.

I just ignored it all and continued to Post my stories.

And give some encouraging words to a lot of the great Steemit crew.

There was a lot of very immature and very childish behavior on the platform.

But I can see now, it is the price you have to pay, to grow something great.

And Steemit kept growing and growing.

I woke up one day to discover, I actually knew a bit about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the fantastic Blockchain.

Educated on Steemit like thousands of others.

Nowhere else on the web, is there a site like Steemit,
that is educating the great unwashed, into just exactly, what a Hard Fork really means.

I even started posting about, what it all meant to me.

Maybe it was all started as a scheme, to turn a fast buck.

But somewhere along the way, it has blossomed into a very vibrant Crypto Blogchain.

But it is also so much more.

Which is why I enjoy being here.

The sheer variety of topics is dazzling.

I never get tired reading and pondering about Satoshi Nakamoto.
The Man, the Myth, the T-Shirt.
A true Bitcoin Legend in his own very brief Crypto Lunchtime.

Did he come from the future and create Bitcoin.
The Super Daddy of all Altcoins.
Or was it just a boring group of Nerds.
Who then, just disappeared up their own ego?

Where did he go?

Where did they go?

As a mystery, it's up there with, Roswell, Bigfoot & Who Shot JFK.

Someday I would like to know.

But maybe that's the writer in me.

When I contemplate Cryptocurrencies, I cannot seem to get the image of, "Schrödinger's Cat," out of my mind.

If you invest in any of the Altcoins, you are entering the,

Mathematical Mythical Magical World of the Blockchain Beasts.

Inside this Mathematical Magical Box, sits, Schrödinger's Cryptocurrency Cat.

And everything is possible while the box remains closed.

The currency goes up and up and up. Then down and sideways, then down and down and down, then up and back down.

The, Quantum Crypto Wave, does not collapse, until you cash out.

So, your, Schrödinger's Cryptocurrency Cat is worth $$Zillions
or nothing or both or everything or just a Dutch Tulip.

Until you make that final decision, to cash out and collapse it into, whatever the price is, outside the box.

I have never seen Steem as a buying currency, like Monero or even Dash.

But it will have a value.

I can see myself converting my Steem into Dash, to buy chocolate bars.

And into Bitcoin to buy a house. Or possibly pay Ransomeware:D)

But again, its only my opinion.

Everybody should have an opinion.

And not just blindly follow the crypto herd.

That is why the Steemit Blogchain, is so successful.

So do yourself a favor.

Forget about the Steem payments for a moment and just Post something, that interests you.

Have an opinion. Make some noise.

If I like it, I'll up vote you.

If I don't like it.......

Well, I probably wasn't your target audience anyway;D~

Live Long and Prosper My Steemit Brothers and Sisters!

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Definitely miss those good old days when Steem was king. Can't imagine $4 Steem now. May take an year to reach there if at all it happens.
I learnt a lot of things here at steemit which really can't be measured in dollars. Lovely concept. Just hope it gets some monetary value too.

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Well, I paid a chunk off my Mortgage, with my Steem Crypto, which I used to play on the Crypto Markets.
And buy Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and EOS. Never made the vast sums on Steemit, but it all added up and meant I could buy and sell without actually investing any hard cash. So keep posting and I hope you strike a rich vein.
Live Long and Prosper.