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Hi there, This one looks too good, one from the past :)
News are not to be trusted now a days. Better to not bother ourselves with these biased news anymore.
Good to see you again.
Good day


Well, two days ago is not too far in the past! I do agree about the "news". Most of it just says, "bla,bla,bla..." on and on with nothing of value. Music is always better!

Thanks for the welcome. It's raining hard for two days and I can't get real work done outdoors, so I'm trying to be productive indoors.

Hi there sir, apologies for replying back late,I as busy with my exams all these days.

You are more productive inside ( what I have seen you doing so far on weku and steemit )

How is your life going? how about the little friends living with you ?

No apologies needed, my friend. I well remember the exam pressure and how that has top priority. I hope they have gone well for you.

We have had six days if rain and the ground it too wet to work so I have had more free time at my computer, although have done nothing creative. I miss writing and feel the need to sit and write until the need is satisfied. That is not easy now that the leaves are falling and there is a lot of clean-up work awaiting my attention. We will have guests staying for three days to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving holiday and will be occupied with that until Sunday PM? My schedule will need to be re-booted after that!

The little friends are doing very well. They know this is their home and both have routines and are healthy. I think they are content and finally feel safe. Both are members of the family now.

I had three exams this last weekend, 1 went extraordinary,the other two were kind of average.

Oh you are going to host relatives, that would surely be wonderful for you. From my childhood time, whenever I heard about relatives I used to get very excited :D about the works, don't worry it all will be sorted soon.

That's wonderful too, I know they were going to feel safe after the amount of love and care they received from you