Warmer weather is already here.

in #writing2 years ago

Well, it was really cold for a while. In the South we're not used to the cold at all. We had to drip the faucets and basically shiver a lot. However it looks like the weather is already getting warm again.


I hope it stays warm, because over here we're not really prepared for the cold. I'm not used to it at all. Well, if it stays like this for a while then I will certainly feel good about things.

Here's to warmer weather.


I'm also waiting for warmer weather. It was so warm around the holidays here. I took my nightly walks without even a jacket. Then winter hit harder and it was near freezing. But the Earth continues its journey around the sun and the tilt is moving in our favor. It's a little warmer now, and Spring is coming soon.

Thanks for the post and awesome pic!