A Breakthrough that Breaks the Spell

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The above image was made by with stable diffusion using the prompt 'oil portrait of a gray alien handing a white box to a human scientist in a lab.'

Today an article of mine on UFOs came out in the latest edition of International Paneling. Also today, I put another installment of Free Mind Gazette out on Substack. Titled "Societal Transformation with Alien Features," the piece gets into the accelerating rate of technological advancement and UFO lore. Here's how it begins:

Every writer faces unique challenges. Some have a hard time writing with confidence while others suffer from unwarranted egomania. Some never quite get the technical aspects of the craft. Personally, one of my biggest challenges as a writer is that I always feel the need to keep repeating the same stuff.

Again and again, I've found myself explaining that society is a dystopia ruled by a corrupt control regime. While I feel like it's good to say this and to keep repeating it until it becomes commonly understood, the majority of my readers are already aware of the situation. Just as they're aware that individual sovereignty is continually being undermined and attacked by the regime.

Even though these basic problems are widely known, I feel like they're not widely understood. This makes it difficult to formulate genuine solutions. And because every societal problem is profitable for someone, there are always people working tirelessly to ensure that these problems are never solved. All of this is greatly concerning.


The cards are stacked against us. What we need, in my opinion, is a breakthrough on a grand scale. An event or phenomenon so powerful that it catapults us out of the current paradigm and into something more workable. This event could be supernatural or extraterrestrial in nature, but it would be better if it arose organically, as a result of millions upon millions of personal breakthroughs combining into an unstoppable force of positive transformation.

Imagine a critical mass of people suddenly determined to act ethically, and to demand the same of everyone they dealt with. What sort of situation or event might bring that about? Maybe something that makes us question our choices and vow to do better. Or something that reminds us of our cooperative nature in a spectacular way.

We can't yet see past the horizon of the kind of breakthrough I'm talking about. Experiencing it will transform us, but transform us into what? Better people, hopefully, though beyond that isn't clear. Last year, I bought an NFT called Anakainōsis. According to the description:

In greek, "Anakainōsis" means a complete change for the better, a makeover of the mind and soul.

As a society, I think this is the kind of transformation we need. A complete change for the better. Global peace and prosperity are technologically within our grasp yet conflict and poverty are continually being manufactured by the control regime to keep us in line. The regime's manipulation of the information space is like a magic spell of collective befuddlement. A breakthrough that breaks this spell would sure be nice.

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In as much as society can really be difficult, I have come to discover we need to still stand strong and stay with ourselves to be free from that we should be

Fair enough.

As a society, we all need to change for good, better and the best but unfortunately, not everyone will be willing to make that change and that is what has been drawing us back for a very long time now

Maybe it doesn't need to be everyone, just a critical mass.

If only we want to influence the change we should desire, it should actually start from our own side and decide to influence the change from our side

Makes sense.