A Hole

in #writinglast year (edited)

There is a hole on the floor.
A dark, deepless and obscure.
Like a mouth of a bloodthirsty animal.
It feels restless.
There is no another exit.
I can't see anything down there.
But I have to jump, because there is no other way.

A hole, waiting for me.
Like a dark angel calling to heaven.
I am trapped.
Even if the hole is worse, I can't stay where I am.

There is rotten smell.
No, it isn't coming from the hole,
It is coming from me.
I am not getting older, I am just rotting.
I sacrificed my youth to them.
For their happiness...
Others lived as they should.
I got rotten without doing anything good.
Like a beautiful uneaten rotting fruit.
What is done is done.
I desired for punishment from my executioner.
"Raise your sword and judge me" I said.
Because I was ungrateful.
I wasn't happy in the hell.
Some had to enjoy their hell and thank to god for letting them burn alive.
If I wasn't late, there wouldn't have been a hole here, there would be doors, choices and freedom.