A gentle parting

in #writinglast year

About a specific soul. Here, it takes off and flutters as its previous owner leaves. A lovely, moving image: a tactful parting, the former owner smiling lovingly and wisely, everyone forgiving, and quiet tears of grief.

Image credit to pixabay

But how many people do they leave us in agonizing pain? then for weeks, months, and even years. How does the soul feel in this situation? Is she really unconcerned about witnessing such a horrible departure? She even poses for the camera as she calmly gathers her belongings.
Is it actually possible to feel (be) whole, radiant, and clean in a body that is suffering, masked by a disease, and partially dead?
She does really resemble crumpled foil, and not a single beam of light will be reflected off of her. likely ripped foil. What kind of flights are there? It wrinkles like a dried cherry and falls from the deceased person's body to the ground.
(And rubbed with the soles of those who say goodbye?).