Having Love

in #writinglast year

This sentence did not come to me; it appeared out of the mumbled speech. Horrible term I believe there are two words with the same root but the opposite connotation. These words have polar opposites, and it feels as though they were thrown together against their will rather than being able to work together to produce a statement. It seems that the pace at which you pronounce it causes the sensuous aspect of consciousness to shift from one extreme to another.

Love, after all, is personal and not just a feeling; it suggests some kind of devotion to the subject of love. And it makes absolutely no difference if this thing is animated or not, whether love is sparked by a sexual want or the call of a blood relative. When someone feels love, the thing they are feeling doesn't seem to them to be something, so their love cannot be anything. He considers her to be his.

Image credit to pixabay