On the Edge

in #writinglast year

The situation is fine! It's all fascinating! The path to achieving spiritual perfection is vibrant! Spring is wonderful!
The summer is wonderful! Then fall – fantastic! Winter is also a ton of fun!
Such a range of hues!

Step. One step, but watch your footing? It could be something or nothing at all. A chasm at a chasm within a chasm... What happens if you don't have enough time to grasp the edge or it turns out to be fragile? And that will be the last time you look up at the sky in terror. Or not alarmed? What might the eyes in the previous glance be? Will anyone look? What if you close your eyes and fly down, down, down... long, long... so long that you beg for it when the journey is finally stopped? You will suddenly open your eyes out of horrible curiosity and curious horror, and the flight will come to an abrupt stop.

Image credit to pixabay


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