The thought from broken heart

in #writinglast year

The flashing of the scales, one of which shows a meeting and the other a disappointment, is the only thing that is constant. Ripples are already seen in the eyes!
The view of the lovely is blocked by this ripple. And here is someone with whose name you awaken and go to sleep, with whom two souls merge, and with whom you simultaneously laugh and cry about what is occurring. No. No, still.
And nothing alters.
This life is a waste. Beautiful but ineffective.
Whom and what are you proving? Exclaim, "I'm happy!" It's a lie, thus I'm unable to. Because only this can be true, you can only shout this together and believe it.
Before understanding, the lot of the young is ponte and window dressing.
It is obvious when you meet someone with similar values right away.
There are many lovely phrases that may express this experience, yet none comes close to these feelings! No physical forces or work can compel spirits from different worlds to come together. Practical people create justifications for maintaining the relationship, but there is only respect that is comparable to love.

Image credit to pixabay


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