☠Floating corpse☠

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Due to the critical situation in which we are immersed in this place called "country", it is understandable to notice the change that some people can show in choosing a better quality of life, leaving their expectations behind and taking away some of their land and dreams. with them in search of a better opportunity to live elsewhere. I have been a participant in helping my closest friends in their moments to make this journey and unfortunately the anxiety and nerves have visited me more often than usual because of it, snatching a piece of me. The traces that marked in my heart are still present, and only the memory can mitigate a little its absence. Currently, 3 of the people with closest proximity which I consider as brothers to me, and have had a more than considerable time to meet me, and shared so many experiences with me, have made that decision, and personally I knew that time would come, but not even convincing me of it would hide the pain and sadness that abounds in my heart. So I had a talk with myself, in which I had to debate between my future outside, and fight for my career currently here, so I would like to share with you that introspective conversation between my alter ego and me.

And, why do not we leave the country?

No Stairway, I have not lived in this country for several years. We are not here. Some time ago we left or they threw us out. We suffer it and we live in it in a kind of parallel reality, gray color rat. Our beauty and happiness is in friends, family, children, love, the memory of certain joys and a fierce resistance to go to the dark side before the imminent social decomposition, I cling to my word and stubbornness to go with my title on chest.

Did not we have any faith in the vows?

No Stairway, those elections were from a country that died a long time ago and still floats like a corpse or a zombie. An election where they voted among themselves, within the planet "Chavista", where I no longer live for years. I think the country has not changed, it just ran out of money. And this has shown the worst of ourselves.

And what are you going to do?

Continue to build the secret country in my planting it and take care of it like a seed. And when it is propitious, to return with him to place them in a new fertile land. And then return to inhabit it, take whatever time it takes.

The symbolism and culture, the identity that defines and identifies a country for its uniqueness and natural beauty, as well as its society, being a part of this whole, has been tainted by the greed and selfishness of individuals so putrid of soul and heart, holes in faith, and driven by their needs and pride. They are just a shell with a human appearance. His actions have turned a land, a floating corpse, a land without direction or hope, slowly decomposing before the eyes of the world, mourning the loss of his son.

Thank you, for reading my post.


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@stairway2heaven your writing is so raw and filled with an intimate emotion. You are eloquent in your diction and my heart goes out to you and your kinsman. I have redeemed your undervalued post. Thank you for sharing and I pray as you find your way through such very difficult times.

Thank you for your beautiful words, I also hope to find my peace in the middle of this storm, which I am currently living and face the next ones that come

You are welcome, and I know that you will. My prayers are with you, too.

Good luck with your Steemit journey @stairway2heaven.

Ty bruh, I appreciate it coming from you

So hard reality in Venezuela.
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You are obviously on a heartfelt path, @stairway2heaven. Keep going. You are not alone.

thanks bruh, that I try to do ....