Imperfect victory

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This platform is perfect to use it, as an outlet and show the word of an individual (my case) before so much putrefaction and corruption. What was called a "perfect victory" according to the left socialist on May 20 with a resounding success in the voting, was nothing more than a mask and smoke screen, which only echoes and is overshadowed by the stark reality of discontent Social. So I did not want to be quiet and show the multiple facets in which if it would be a perfect victory, not for them but for their people.

A perfect victory is to beat the famine and the shortage; is to overcome corruption and bureaucracy even if it costs us friends, family and even the office itself; it is to see full universities and people working for the future; a perfect victory is to win without threat or food boxes, or millions of devalued bolivars; a perfect victory is a prosperous country, not bulky figures, or empty numbers; a perfect victory is to recognize mistakes and failures, in order to correct them. While children lie down without eating, while brothers eat our waste, while nature is a zero for this "left", a perfect victory will not be possible.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you liked it.


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It's hard for me on a political post not to point out that this is precisely the result of socialist policies. I'm so proud of those in Venezuela who fight for freedom, especially considering the force deployed against them.

Yes, brother ... it's hard, but I always stay positive, the good thing is that I was able to drain and let out, all that frustration through the post and thanks for your support and opinion