Last breath.

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When death comes to us, our soul is freed from this corporeal shell. The first thing that happens in transit is the boiling of our atomic composition. The air retained in the lungs escapes like an exhalation and rises in a harmonic dance, like a sphere that unravels its threads in an upward swing. What looked like our flesh, is separated little by little, in a journey inward, as the return of the petals towards the center of the sleeping flower, looking again for the original form of fertile substance that nourishes the earth.

The water that runs like a blood stream freezes, coagulates, like the lava of an inactive volcano, like a Martian liquid that shelters itself in anticipation of the great fire of new life that will undoubtedly emerge after the transfer. It is here when the beautiful happens, what has never been seen before by anybody, because when it happens it is not anymore.

Thousands, millions of lights appear and disappear like flutters in a sea of ​​infinite butterflies, which light the black night of eternity in sparkling blue. Like shots of a flare, they travel, intersect and look at the souls that emanate the great fire of eternity. Some flashes return to the yellow nucleus, attracted by its magnetic force; others disintegrate, encircle like fireflies in the complete vastness of the endless thick forest.

Rays, lines of light branched like a family tree are traced and flashed, igniting that blackness in warm phosphorescence. Magnificent presences travel in the no time, inextinguishable molecular glares, continuous sparks, bubbling, boiling, towards life from the great fire.

The reason to share this writing is that first of all is the translation of a post I did months ago, simply because I wanted to expose the beauty and subtlety that can leave us with a last breath or the last manifestation of life. Lately in the course of these weeks, I have received certain losses from a very close friend and a distant family member. So I just wanted to share this writing with other users and give my message that as sad and painful as it is part of life the culmination of a stage, we just have to leave the trace of our actions in the memories and the heart of those that in life they loved us without more than saying thank you for reading my writing.

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