in #writing6 years ago
It is so sad to see people live their lives without really living them as such, I really wonder. ¿What motivates them? ¿What drives them? ¿Why do you fight on this earthly plane? I see them pretending to be happy or lying about certain things in their lives, creating echoes or residues of images that they try to place in the minds and hearts of others, but basically it's not like that, I only see empty shells with a soul that apparently is not, without joys, dreams or goals without a future or a fire that floods their hearts with enough heat to propel them.



¿I wonder how your soul is fed? It's sad and I'm glad it's not them, it makes me feel different but not only just me. I hope to consummate my soul until the end and fight for what motivates me, since one of my fears is to become a shell without knowing that I am.

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