Steemhouse Writing Prompt #2

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Our last writing prompt was a smashing success. We had several outstanding Steem participants whose posts are compiled here. Now it’s time for a new prompt, and we’ll put to use the things we learned from our first one.

Mainly, we learned that the seven day payout period offered by Steem is quite insufficient for many writers to compose, edit, and publish a piece of writing. So this time, we’re going to announce the prompt, give everyone a week to think about it and draft a story (or poem, or whatever they want to write,) and another week on top of that to get it polished and posted. We’ll make a reminder post after the first seven days. This should result in less stress for people who want to participate and hopefully, more content.

Without Further Ado

Steemhouse places great emphasis on writing for publication. That is our focus. We exist to find, nurture, and endorse talent that is commercially viable. However, writing can be fun for everyone, not just those interested in making a career out of it. Writing prompts can be a great way to find inspiration when the muses have been silent for a while. Eventually we intend to host contests with more ambitious goals in mind. But right now, let’s see how many different stories we can spin from a single image, and how many directions we can take them.

What do you see when you look at the cover image of this post? What comes to mind? As a community of storytellers, Steemhouse will take a particular interest in the fiction you may write about it. But some might be inspired to write poetry or other kinds of prose. This isn’t a contest, so there are no rules. We’ll have plenty of chances to call for specific forms and formats in the months to come.

There is also no requirement to resteem or upvote this post. Nonetheless, feel free to tell others about it, on and off the Steem platform. We’d love to start a wave of response to these prompts in writing communities everywhere. For those posting to Steem, however, we encourage you to use the tag #shprompt so that we can find your stories about the image we've shared here and read them.

If you would like editorial help before you post to Steem or unbiased feedback after you do, feel free to drop into our Discord Community and chat with our writers. Staff members and editors from Steemhouse Publishing frequent that server and will be happy to talk with you about your work. If someone is not immediately on hand to greet you, leave us a note in Welcome Center and we’ll give you a ping when someone is available.

If fiction is your thing and you are serious about producing work capable of competing in the mainstream publishing industry, we hope you participate in this prompt as well. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing and catch the eye of our acquisition editors. We strongly encourage you to have a look at the Writing ProTips page of our new literary journal. We’ve collected a few articles about the craft of writing and provided links to them there. They are must-read material for anyone hoping to write and submit fiction at the professional level.
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"Digging through memories" is the first thing that comes to mind... And, hey, I might have a poem for that. ;)

This is exciting! When I saw the picture a story started forming and I had to refocus on the post, and that was before I knew it was thr prompt! Haha So good job picking an image!

I hope you'll be able to write a response to the prompt. :-)

I hit the upvote button, and the number went DOWN by one cent.
wtf does that mean, and how does that happen....

Cool contest!
I was about to ask if you have a limit on word length, then re-read and hit on This isn’t a contest, so there are no rules. We’ll have plenty of chances to call for specific forms and formats in the months to come.
That leaves the door wide open!
No prizes, no first place, just "let's see where it goes" - I'm ok with that!

This week has been too difficult to write. I'll wait for the next challenge

This week has been too
Difficult to write. I'll wait
For the next challenge

                 - marcybetancourt

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