30 days Writing challenge. Day Eight: write a list of people you love.

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This writing challenge ask of me, what I find difficult to give, yet I must complete. This time, I am to share the names of those I love. It be a strange list and short, I think.


List of the people I love


  • My parents of course. They have sacrificed too much. ❤️
  • My siblings because they accept me and my insanity. 😙
  • My mother's and father's siblings and their kids. They are open and loving, kindhearted and sweetest men and women I know. 💕

Day ones

  • Victor: we have been through stuff together. 🤗
  • Obruche: crazy from the first day I saw him back in junior secondary school. Still my ride or die. 😎
  • Chammy: my first love. Old firewood never quenches. 🙊
  • Papikay: craziest friend I have. Mother treats me like one of her kids. This one is blood. 🖕
  • Avwerosuo: seem stiff if you don't know him well. We've been exchanging novels and arguing since junior secondary school. 🤡
  • Karo: this is my personal physics shaman, physician I mean to say. Kind hearted man. Hehe. 💉
  • IK: we have pulled stunts in Benin city, me and this one. We have stories for days. 🍻

Beautiful women

  • Ijeoma: baby has cuddled my madness for a while and has had my back through difficult times. 👌
  • Orezimena: baby listens and actually fights to get me out of depression too many times to mention. We are one of a kind and she damn fine.💋
  • Ruth: This is a friend that makes me happy to see people grow. Loves art and photography and the woman can saaaaang. Before I forget, she gave me this challenge. 😭
  • Faith: keeps me company, always down for a good story and she is full of life and kindhearted too.😂
  • Martha: smart and intelligent woman and pretty too with hair to die for.😍

Note: all above women all have hair to die for. Is there a connection here?

  • Chinyere: have you heard or seen her laugh? I have sighs and she has hair too, to die for.💌
  • Hillary: this dark skinned beauty loves to read my writing, fiction especially. What's not to love?✍️
  • Blessing: This woman knows how to make money. She is my go to for money matters. She is tired of my lack of ambition though. 🤑
  • Mosun: momma actually worries for me and celebrates my little wins.🙇


  • Tezmel: because she calls me Mwalim. ✊
  • Taraz: for he has been here from the beginning, lifting me, celebrating me, reaching out to me. 🤗
  • Damilola: This lady should be a model but no, she wants to entrepreneur to stupor. Always filling my timeline with shoes and bedsheets. Love her though. 🤔
  • Laura Kaminski: every writer deserves a fairy godmother. She is mine. 👼
  • Aros: my roommate back when. This one is blood tho. 🎓
  • Yoma: this woman should be a chef though. Cares for this poor bachelor. 💜
  • Jite: old warri. This woman is as real as it gets. Hardcore but with a good heart. 💜
  • Donald: taught me three things which changed my life:
  1. How to use a computer
  2. The beauty of anime
  3. That I knew how to write great stories 🙌🙏
  • Taiwo: showed me that money can be made online legally. It is his legacy that brought me to this point on Hive. 🙏

I will stop here. There are others whose names have slipped through the cracks. I love them to. Don't be mad.


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