You did get paid out on this post on
You might want to consider converting and using

Thasnks for checking, I tried a steemleo tag 16 days ago here but it didn't make it!

I think steemit wants them to block me so I don't convert and sell out my steem because LEO would be moar profitable ! lol! lol

I will make a btc blog post again soon and try again!

I think Khaleel might be able to get you unbanned.

I think I have seen him unban people before. I think he just uses the global list like most of the other Steemit sites use.

I wonder if it would even be banned if you posted using

There is WAY better customer service here on and WAY less abusive downvoting. I haven't really noticed any yet although There are a couple steemit downvoters on here but not too many and they seem to have WAY less Leopower than their Steempower.

Thanks I have been meaning to send him a message. I’ll apologize to him for misusing the Leo tag in the past and promise him I will only use it for financial posts and not bot driven financial posts in the future. I think that will work.

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Yeah you could just post a quick message on his blog. I think maybe Steemleo just uses the global ban list for but I dunno.
I did make a comment.

saw thist post in a resteem, agreed someTheng must be doN as a loyalty program for those votN up and for those who vote down for nit reason, do nit publish the programN for the determined factors make it hard for them to guess the "pattern" fuck them