Good day. May I ask?
Why are you putting flags on me ON ALL MY POSTS.
My content is original.
I am a verified user.
Thank you .
Have a good mood.

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Greetings, I would like to know why you gave a huge downvote to this post I'm Venezuelan and I fucking live of this. My content is original so you tell me. Not that i can't take downvotes, it's your right. But there must be a reason and I would like to knnow it.

The same thing happened to me, for no reason it gave me a big negative vote, not fair ☹️.

I just posted about it, maybe we got caught ourselves in between of a whale war.

I believe you didn't even watched the video or whatever, at least I'm putting face. You don't have any idea how this affects people who make a living on Hive. If you think my post overvalued I can live with that, but at least put a comment and justify your downvote so one can see what the hell is doing wrongly. Not fair at all. Nothing to wish you but the best anyways. Cheers.

Greetings, I would like to know because almost all my posts have received negative votes, I cannot understand there are people who only voted negatively in a single post, it was in almost all the posts that it was how bad I did.

Good, please help me, you have given me many negative votes and after that they do not cure me, I live from the profits of #hive and now without rewards both I and my family are having a hard time, if I did something wrong tell me how to improve but of You will see I need help because I live from hive, thank you.

Hi newsflash! how are you? i need some small help from you
i have a proposal on proposal system
we get 100% approval but need almost that HP to get funded
Supplemental funding #4 for HBD stabilizer is taking all the part on proposal system frowning
so... our proposal can get funded
most of witness help us
but need a small help
can you consider vote to get funded this 50 days?

amigo saludos, le invito a mi blog soy venezolana, brindeme la ayuda con su buen voto, saludos y bendiciones

Who are you with your 5% stake not making a sound?

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I just followed your account. hopefully we can be friends if it's not a hassle please visit my account who knows you like my post

Why are there no pictures of friends?

Thank you for the witness vote :)

cool dot :>

hi @newsflash sir,

I wanna to know, why @azircon downvote my post, that was you upvoted.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 211744.png

Interesting thank you