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XBTS ultra fast, low fees, DEFI AMMOB, liquidity providers, free trading bots, staking programs, cross-chain bridges to/from more than 42 blockchains, and more.

Wow that was fast and to the point! Well what else do you expect from graphene technology and hard working developers? You may ask, what do you mean by "Torchbearer" and what does the future hold for XBTS? Let's dive right in, shall we?

Artwork and description by Akiane Kramarik
Freedom Description
Crossing the two worlds
I see pure gold, the essence of freedom - layer by layer
and I hear its fearless steps - stair by stair

A revolutionary gaming DEX https://smartholdem.io/home is under development that will use XBTS core asset STH. Once these games are live, in particular the poker game, the proceeds will inevitably end up powering yields on XBTS. Massive opportunity for gains and yield exist solely on this development, but theres more!

XBTS now has a new on/off ramp via UPMA. We no longer need to deal with the likes of coinbase. We can now set up an account with https://upma.org/ and deposit fiat for physical gold, silver, goldback to be held in a vault. We can then simply transfer from UPMA to Bitshares and the gold coin will auto-convert into a crypto called Quint. We then using XBTS AMMOB can swap Quint for bitshares and thus any crypto in our wonderful decentralized system. If you ever want to cash out into physical bullion or fiat, you can simply send your crypto back to UPMA and it will auto-convert back to physical in a vault. This service is provided through a company on the BEOS blockchain called Quintric. I will link here ( https://tv.gab.com/channel/highprsssuresteam/view/physical-gold-silver-goldback-backed-cryptocurrency-6265d5b41b35a47c8ecc8453 ) a video I made going into detail of how to perform this task. Finally heres one more portal into massive expansion.

This is found on the SmartHoldem Roadmap:

         DAO and SmartHoldem Development Fund
  • Create of a special fund
  • Registration of a Foundation in a suitable jurisdiction
  • Encouraging developers to contribute to the platform
  • Development of gaming startups
  • Training and meetups

These goals are now more readily available to be tackled via Dan Larimer's new governance project/blockchain https://gofractally.com/share/fe4f19Dp_4KCr9av?utm_source=manual and Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart's privately funded blockchain BEOS. This is possible because BEOS as a middle chain can provide token portability (improving upon XBTS inter-blockchain compatibility) and jurisdictional agility (without requiring any modifications to or cooperation from either Bitshares or EOS communities), while the fractal blockchain marks a new era of governance, respect, and consensus. These technological advances are compatible with XBTS and Smartholdem and offer potential unparalleled growth !

Freedom is being Engineered! Are you in ? Subscribe to Youtube video below!


I know XBTS! This is a good exchange and the best in Bitshares

A special shout out and thank you to @abit for the generous vote of confidence, XBTS rocks !!