Update 3 for Ripple (Prediction # 8) Target $ 5 Expected Date : Before 22 May 2018

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Update 3 for Ripple (Prediction # 8) Target $ 5 Expected Date : Before 22 May 2018

Ripple will larking up towards $5

Most people don't like it.But I like it very much RIPPLE RIPPLE RIPPLE

Some one remember 10 days ago I posted about (best investment right now) when xrp was only $0.70

I have 20,000 XRP coins with last entry at $0.70.(on 02.06.2018)

In update 2 our entry for ripple was at $0.84.

Any Price below $1.15 would be good buy entry.

Short term traders 1st target is $1.73 follow by $2.30.

Long term target $5 ( before 22 May 2018)


Bullish Harami seen at $0.70 (Uptrend confirmation)

On next day we seen Bullish Inverted Hammer which means that

Inverted Hammer appears in a downtrend and signals a bullish reversal.

MACD uptrend signal.


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Lesson # 1 (Support/Resistance levels)

Top 70 Cryptocurrencies (Buying points/Target points) by me

Don't Forget to Resteem.

Thank you.

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Can't wait for the analyse :)

hello my friend @bartjans
yes shortly I will post.

Nice my friend good analyse again!

Waiting for the update, while thanks for sharing your analyzes

The teaser of the week !

Bought on the dip and just bought 4,300 more. Thank you for all you do!!


Hi, thank you for sharing so many valuable info/articles. Some articles were blocked out, how can I increase my level?

Thank you for your kind words dear @longwan
Increase level you mean you want to buy more XRP?

Hi @salahuddin, no, that was not what I meant. i.e. I could not get into this link: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@salahuddin2004/lesson-1, it showed [This post was hidden due to low ratings.], I wondered if it was me with low rating, or it was the post with low rating? Sorry for the confusion.