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RE: IWAS -- Vol. 2 No. 11 ~ Happy Ne'kid (Cake) New Years (A Theme For The Holidays Seems To Be Developing Here) ~ QSFW* ~

Firstly this post made me think of the site cakewrecks, which was popular back in the olde timee days of the interwebs, I think it even spawnd printed books, and then I saw the 'naked' cake and realized it's just the 'crumb layer' we used to call it in the cake decorating biz, becuase YES on top of all the other things I've done from owning flower shops to who knows what all, I was also a cake decorator as well.


Howdy. Cake wrecks, I love that channel. Classic idea and really funny. Is it still around? Probably not. Maybe they got sued for poking fun at actual cakes.
So, I had a 'crumb layer'. Always up for learning something new. And if it has to do with cakes, even BETTER !! O :
It is amazing how much a a Renaissance woman you are/have been over time. Seems to be just about everything, except maybe being a spy, and then you couldn't tell us anyway, so all things worldly are possible. My guess is with a jolly NO on that one.
Nice to be chatting once again with you. I hope to be able to post again soon,,,I miss this messing about on Steemit. Nice you are back to doing things. I enjoyed your earlier videos, and have to still catch up here on newer stuff. So much to do, so little time in my chair. Well, hope this finds you doing well on yon further east coast. Cheers on a Wednesday night.