Another Quick Post about some (I think ?) Good Youtube Channels for Crypto.

This Guy seems to be from Germany or Switzerland i guess both ?

Anyway he is talking how much Money is printed around the World right now and that is good for Bitcoin BTC for Example.

This Guy is talking about Ethereum ETH how Defi is going to change Anything to be Decentralized in the Future for the Internet and Finance.

His Advice for Altcoins is Aswell interesting to watch and listen to i am new to Crypto but i think this Guy knows something.

I did not manage to make a Post Yesterday because of Personal Reasons and i felt very sick too but that is another Story.

So i did 3 Posts on Saturday for Example.

The Options and Manual or User Guide for my new Camera Canon EOS R5 and the other Equipment and Gear is taking me longer than i expected for Example just the Camera Manual is like 1000 Sites to read and the Gimbel is like a view Tens of Hundrets of Sites to read.

I just did this Post in English because all the Youtubers here mentioned or promoted kind of are speaking English only i guess atleast in Youtube.

Not Anything is in German Language this Post for Example.