Elon Musk Sold 146 000 of those Things and its still a MEME ! Added A Video in Defense of the Cyber Truck lol EDITED Elon Musk Lost 770 Million in Net Worth after Cyber Truck Fail if that is True

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I just wanted something to laugh and see if some other lets say NOT STUPID BEEINGS had a Stupid Idea that went good because Rich.

So Lesson from this your Idea needs to look much better than it sounds to execute it if you got the Money Anyway thats Another Story.

Anyway have Fun laughing a lot cause i did for sure.

However Elon Musik is still Awesome.

AND DONT BE A DOUCHE THAT IS FREE YOUTUBE MONEY FOR THE CREATOR i get a Homeless Girls Amount on Votes for this Anyway.


IN Defense of the Cyber Truck watch Another Video.

From the Inside its less Stupid than from the Outside i guess that goes for a lot of Things and Humans too.


I didnt know that...

Bildergebnis für Elon Musks Net worth Drops Cyber Truck
Elon Musk's Net Worth Falls $770 Million After Tesla's Botched Cybertruck Debut. Following the world's richest people. Elon Musk's net worth has dropped three-quarters of a billion dollars in one day. Update: This article has been updated to reflect Tesla's share price as of the market close on November 22, 2019.22.11.2019



You have to Agree that this looks Funny even if it is maybe Practical.

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