Cute Wild Bird Nest House Making Full Process - Baya Weaver is the Most Creative Bird

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Baya weaver house making process is very interesting and they do so much hard work to build their home using coconut tree leaf. They make house in palm tree leaf. Cute baby bird making home to live.

Baya weaver bird is very small size of bird and in Bangladesh lot of Baya weaver was live. But now a days it has been decrease.

So we wanted to capture their home making full process and for this we need to wait about 3 days under palm tree.

It is very much long term work and very hard work for bird.

They go to coconut tree and cut a thin leaf then bring it using lip and make house with it.

After complete house they can stay house even in rain, sun and heavy air.

This bird called in Bengali "Babui pakhi - বাবুই পাখি" and babui pakhir house interesting for everyone in Bangladesh.

You can use headphone to watch this video cause you can hear very beautiful natural music from bird.

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