Just Getting Started! Thanks for 200k subscribers!

in #youtube5 years ago

Hey internet friends. I hit 200k subscribers on my channel this week, and I wanted to say thank you! Stick with me, I'm just getting started:


Congrats ReallyGraceful! Well deserved! Here's to another 200 Thousand!

Congratulations! :)

I’ve followed you for a long time now, remember when decide to trust you, Christmas Eve 2016 when the large amount of paedophiles on YouTube became known and you “was visibly upset in a post you made on the subject” (who could not have been?!!) as the BBC wrote, and mocking you for not not have a large channel (30K at the time)
Just that you where “visibly upset” and not stone face cold as other who reported on the PizzaGate subject at the time (who all stopped at the same time or just focus on scream one thing and not connect any dots), combine with many other things made me trust you and I was right, and look at you now, 200K and more views then the Paedo-BBC gets!

“Fun” Facts: Almost a year later, the Mainstream Media broke same story... https://imgur.com/a/lLVXr28 (not “visibly upset of course)

Anyway, I’m glad you got 200.000 Subs, almost bit proud over you :) you are without a doubt on Top-5 on YouTube (or online) and even on subjects Im aware of, I always Learn something by you. And your style make people listen, from 13 years old girls to old men at my work.

I could go on all day why you’re amazing but I leave it here.
Keep it up, gotta chatch ‘em all! In a normal world you would have work on the BBC, but now you get your message thru anyway!