Hive Zealy Campaign Update

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Hello Hivers!

First of all we'd like to thank all of you that have been active on the first Hive Zealy campaign, we have definitely made a dent in terms of onboarding new users and making some noise on web2 and this is only thanks to you!

As most of you know, the focus of this first campaign - of many monthly campaigns to come - was to push the Leo rebrand into web2, particularly Twitter, and make as much noise and create a lot of hype around it, and then leverage the zealy army to onboard hundreds if not thousands of users into Hive.

We have onboarded a lot of new users, but the Leo rebrand is taking a little bit longer than expected. This is normal for any rebrand, and we are confident that over the next few days we will be ready. Unfortunately, the Quests and outreach for this campaign was going to be focused 90% on the new brand.

This situation of having just a few days until the campaign ends, and the small amount of quests so far, requires a pivot for this first Zealy campaign, and after some back and forth with the active participants and careful thought, we need make the next changes to the current Hive Zealy Campaign:

1- The campaign will end on October 3rd at 23:59 UTC.
2- The campaign will have a prize pool of $1,500 HBD.
3- The Prize distribution stays the same:

  • The Top 10% of the Active Leaderboard will split $750 USD.

  • From the Top 11-30% of the Active Leaderboard will split $750 USD.

If 100 Hivers are part of the active leaderboard, ten people (Top 10%) would get $75 HBD each, and 20 people (Top 11-30%) would get $37.5 each.

*The Active leaderboard includes anyone with at least 2,000 Experience points.

Thank you all for chipping in and adding opinions on the matter, after all this is a community effort to push Hive to the masses. We strive to make this as fair and just for everyone, and we will strive to not make this kind of changes in ongoing campaigns, so thank you all as well for understanding!

The community matters

We know this change was unexpected, so thank you all for being supporting the idea of the campaign focusing on the rebrand launch, and thank you for understanding that the huge prize pool was meant to spread the new brand far and wide in web2.

We care about our community and we want to reward those who participated in this first Hive campaign so...

  • Anyone who finishes with more than 2000 XP by October 3rd at 23:59 will share an equal part of a 100k Leo Power delegation for one month.
If 50 users finish this campaign with more than 2000 XP, each one will get a 2k Leo Power delegation. If 100 users finish this campaign with more than 2000 XP, each one will get a 1k Leo Power delegation. 
  • The Top 30 Hivers in the leaderboard will get a 500 Hive delegation for a month.

Thank you for understanding that this change is for the general benefit of Hive, where we will be able to push the new Leo brand by leveraging a bigger prize pool in the next campaign and will be able to bring in thousands of new users!

Final Days of September Zealy

The Campaign is not over!


We will publish a lot of quests today, and those will be the only ones actives so you can plan ahead and prepared for these final days of Zealy bonanza!

I hope you are ready, because it's not gonna be an easy final stretch 🚀 🔥

Prepare to suffer (not much 😛)


Looks Good now.

Best of luck to everyone and all eyes on this last week of Compaign.


I am going to end a broken relationship because of you. Time to change plans again (I'm kidding, but not at the same time) lol.

Hahaha..prepare to suffer 🤣 Let's see if I am ready.....of course, I am.

We truly understand everything here and we hope to keep supporting this campaign. This definitely looks nice and fair too.

Oh, from 5,000 HBD to 1,500 , not really a bad one too.....let see how things go in the remaining days of the campaign.

Wow, we are getting equip to onboard and retain the new users to be active and consistent on the platform

I find this new reformulation fair; it really doesn't make sense to require 5k HBD for such irrelevant missions. I'm glad to see that they changed that, and I hope everyone understands it too.t too.

Everything is working well here, it's a good idea of course, we are waiting for the outcome at these last days of zealy campaign.

I will be watching this, it seems like a worthy effort!

I’m 100xp behind
How can I make up for that before 3rd
Somebody shot me 😭😭😭